Playing with friends

Hi there,

me and two other friends would like to play together this evening. I saw in the beta post, that friend lists are a thing of the near future. Is there a way in the actual build to play together?

Is the map instanced or only the dungeon wings?


You can definitely group up with your friend right after doing the tutorial. Just wait for each other at the bottom of the stairs when you finish, and you can get into a party together.

The map is broken up into zones, however you can talk to people in your party no matter what zone they’re in, by grabbing the compass and speaking into it (holding it near your mouth).

The begin functionality of the friend list is also added this test. But the only use it has now is seeing if your friends are online. There is a guide. The devs actually recommend reading this guide before starting. It is not required, but it gives you alot of handy info to start.

The things that are instanced are the Tutorial Area, your Player House, and the dungeons (which are shared instances so as long as you are in a party together you will both be in the same thing).

Other than that the world is like any other MMO, you are seeing everyone else on the server nearby.

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