Please add “Red Render Ball” for players in World PvP

I think it would be a simple yet amazing addition to the game to make people in world PVP to have a “red ball” instead of a blue one when outside of player render distance.

Sometimes I feel as if when i’m running up on someone, I can’t tell if they are in PVP or not. And I can either risk taking the shot which will most likely be my most powerful one on them. Either killing them if they are or leaving me vulnerable without a way to respond to an immediate attack.

Personally, I think more so a way to make classes like Ranger and Runemage (which is already really good) more viable in PVP. As both classes rely on good spacing to get a job done.

And lastly, I think this would make PVP feel just a bit more fair. As i’m tired of people who might be in the EU PVP’ing me and being able to see me in render before I see them due to them running closer on their end than what the server may see.

Overall, I hope this makes it into the game.


That’s probably not a latency thing, but just pc users. On pc you people don’t turn into blue orbs when a certain distance away, so you can always see if someone is in PvP or not.

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