Please add 'show others armor/pets whilst in PvE combat' option(s)


One thing that really distracts me in parties is … Other people.

Okay not exactly but more like other peoples armor and other peoples pets.

The problem(s):

  • Helmets hide players health bars or get in the way when we have to stack close.
  • Big shoulders get in my face if we are all stacked close.
  • Melee players block line of sight with boss enemies and block enemy hit boxes.
  • Pets are distracting in combat and also have no use which makes them annoying.

My suggestion is that there should be an option in the graphics settings to:

  • Hide helmets and/or shoulders of other players in PvE combat.
  • Hide pets of other players in PvE combat.
    - Hide other players in PvE combat.
  • Make it so that my unfriendly projectiles go through friendly targets in PvE combat.

Note that where I write to hide in PvE combat as like most players, I do want to see the individuality of others come to light but I do not want that to interfere with my end game PvE combat.


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