Please bring back the classic orbus the town man speacker in

I miss the classic orbus town man who makes doo doo er er in the orbus dlc i really miss that guy


Mwah mwah, do do do!


Please bring back the classic Orbus! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

lets not get that whole thing started again

the forums were a warzone a few months ago

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LOL, I remember, but don’t worry. It just needed to be known that we have not and will not forget the old TOTALLY AWESOME Orbus!

i just want the town man form classic orbusvr only

Can we have classic pacman back?


packman? really?!?
Old Orbus and packman are like apples and oranges!

Old Orbus was sweet and packman was sour.
People who say that there aren’t two divided communities here are possibly blind to reality. The money the dev’s could make here is double.

But oranges and apples are both fruit. And they both grow on trees. They must be comparable!

Yes, they share the fruit family, just as VR MMO’s share that type of family too but they are all different and unique. Old Orbus is as unique as any other game when compared to reborn.

So those little pack men (yellow snow) was an old orbus thing? So no, then what pack man. Not to derail a thread xD

No they were not.

Everything must come to an end. If it happens naturally by time or the actions of someone, it doesn’t matter in the end. It will end. So will the joy of this game for every individual (because of changes or not). But is it nessesary to end in bitterness and disgust to what will not come back? Or accept it and move on and build on things in life that didn’t end yet?

Its not about that, it was killed off prematurely for no reason.
At the end of the day, you like the new orbus and that’s cool!
We like the old one!

Please get back on topic.

I did also really like the speaker, and maybe one day we’ll find a place appropriate for bringing back his iconic and of course very soothing voice. :slight_smile:


It’s all on topic! we liked everything about the old orbus!

YES please do i miss him he give life in highstep

Agreed, I would like it if he could replace the woman that keeps hammering away, I could do without that noise :slight_smile:

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Agreed. The master smith is so useless

here i have a pretty unoriginal idea but I think the community may like it

how about we layer like 10 of the blacksmith but each layers sound is about 0.1 seconds off from the other layers

and then we just have like 20 public speakers in strategically placed areas around highsteppe

what do you guys think of this?

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