Please fix Shaman

After the lastest update, the shaman totems have been frequently not spawning orbs, which has led me and my team to die in several situations where we otherwise would not have.

Also as someone who loves using a dynamic play style for shaman, I would also like to see some adjustments to the talents. The point of using most talents on the right side of the talent tree is to increase mobility and speed in combat, however due to several different factors that add up (like the EXTREMELY slow cooldown for totemic call, slow respawn rate of totems, slow summon orb speed, slow initial spawn of orbs, and EXTREMELY slow initial delay after dropping an AOE totem before outputting any damage) I often find I am almost always late to combat or a complete sitting duck.

I have spent many hours working with these conditions to see if I could manage to make it work as I have not had nearly as much fun with any other class or play style as this, but even at my best I always find it to be simply too slow to be effective.

tldr: Please make totems spawn orbs reliably, speed up totemic call cooldown, and make totems start working immediately when dropped


Hi, we appreciate the feedback. Regarding the orbs spawning unreliably, this is something we’ve attempted to fix before and still want to get done, but it has been difficult to find a reliable way to reproduce it 100% of the time. Have you noticed any pattern or gameplay that always causes it to happen for you or is it always random?

As far as I can tell it’s completely random. Sometimes the totems will spawn an orb or two and then stop, sometimes they won’t spawn any at all.

Sometimes I’ve thought it was down to other players casting spells or firing weapons because it often seems worse in shards with higher populations.

Although… the other day I switched to a shard which only had 1 player. I dropped 3 totems and none of them spawned orbs. I looked at the amount of players in the shard and there were 3. This made me wonder if it was caused by the 3rd player joining the shard.

One time it was particularly bad in the Flooded Rainforest when I was doing the Obnobi Camp event with 2 other shaman. Maybe it’s related to the amount of Shaman in the shard or maybe it’s a result of mobs (re)spawning. Certainly it does seem to be bad on events like the Obnobi Camp and the Highsteppe defend events where lots of mobs spawn frequently.

Main places I have seem them be unreliable is in larger group content such as raids. It seems at least in my experience that something about groups over 5 cause it to happen significantly more often. Not to say it doesn’t happen in dungeon settings but it just happens at a higher frequency in raids.

The part of shaman that is the most frustrating for me (aside from broken totems, which is of course an ongoing issue) is how long it takes for totems to spawn after switching classes.

I’ll often use different DPS classes at different areas in the dungeons, but while I can switch to Scoundrel and immediately start shooting, it takes a long time for the totems to even spawn for me to drop them, much less start throwing orbs. It gets to the point for lower level dungeons that mobs are already dead by the time I get to throw my first orb.


If you see this happening, and you are playing on PC, please send us your full output log! Pasting the following into your file explorer should bring you right to your logs

%userprofile%\appdata\locallow\Orbus Online, LLC\OrbusVR

I put out some changes to attempt to fix some desync issues like the invisible bug. I found some problems that were pretty core to the game, so it would affect many aspects of the game, and I think including this. But after putting the patch out, there is a new error related to the fix I made that is probably causing this specific to happen more frequently right now. So basically new error, same result for you guys :upside_down_face: