PLEASE fix the index controllers!

Its been almost a year at this point and the index controllers for mages are still broken. While you have you wand out, turning left and right is not possible. This makes its extremely difficult to turn and face enemies that are around you. What you end up having to do is put your wand away, turn to face the enemy, then pull your wand out.
The kicker here is if you do that too fast and you are turning while you take your wand out, you get stuck spinning in circles. I haven’t played much in the last year because of this bug since the mage is my main class, and this bug has killed me several times.
Its frustrating seeing new content come out while a simple bug like this has been around for almost a year. I’d love to get into the new content, but i just can’t enjoy the game when my controls are so restricted.


Hi, we’ll take a look when we get a chance - we fixed the other movement issues with the default bindings, but I think it affects Runemage in this way as the input for turning and casting spells used to be the same on valve headsets.

I know several mages that are running Orbus Via Oculus using Revive so they can use their right analog when using the Index, even though they own the steamVR orbus.


I’ve been meaning to post about it for a while but while you’re looking into not being able to use movement with your wand hand while your wand is out could you also look into getting teleported backwards while teleporting while sliding, it seems to happen a lot more now we have speed perks and it can be very very annoying

I can record video of it happening if needed


As a runemage who is waiting for his index to come in, please fix lol.

The sliding occurs when you pull your wand out while turning or moving ( I believe ). This issue can be recreated with an Oculus Rift by running OrbusVR in compatibility mode, OpenVR etc. Because of this, it also prevents Oculus users from using 3rd party programs like OVRDrop, etc.

I just got my index controller
it´s so sad that i cant use mage like that
please fix it Dx

I have to also agree. Having come back after almost a year since my friends, who just got the Rifts, want to try a VR MMO, myself playing with the Index controllers has me questioning if certain things were play-tested. The puzzle workshop thing is absolute pain and misery (seriously, I have to squeeze the controller the entire time I move a single piece), finger posing is non-existent even on a base level (unlike the Quest build), and the angles for the offhand makes the runemage a full-on nightmare for EITHER level 5 talent.

This is all before I noticed the turning issues. Seriously, it’s been nearly a year. Why is this still a problem?

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I have remapped it in the SteamVR settings so I can press down on the touch pad to grip, I found this to be helpful for a lot of things such as public events, tinkering, playing most classes

This also bugs the hell out of me, I used to give people the thumbs up when I used my Oculus Rift to save me the trouble of enabling my mic and now I’m unable to control my thumbs even though the controllers themselves have excellent tracking for that