Please make sure that lag like this isnt brought across to reborn


Today I decided to mess around on the runemage tournament for a bit. unfortunately I kept getting very very bad spikes making it impossible to competitively play.

i have always had this problem but came to the conclusion it will never be fixed…

What I ask though is, will this behaviour be gone in reborn? It causes me a lot of problems throughout the game. Note that my ping shows up as 10-20ms at any given time and I am based in Germany.

Check 00:14 and 00:43 for the obvious problems. This also happens randomly in boss fights and encounters.

One other issue I have always got is what I call ‘sticky spells’. That is when I intend on firing a spell by pressing my control pad and it does not release from the wand so I have to wait before I can cast or press it again to try and cast it. This reduces my overall damage and causes issues in nearly every encounter I face.


PS: ignore the failed spell casts here :smile: my fps drops significantly in this area when I am recording.


I get all of this spell casting behavior as well. Spells stick or there is a delay after pressing the button before it releases. I also get spell lines disappearing quite a bit. This happens more when other players are around.

I would also like to know if there are any plans to try to improve the casting system for reborn?


I really hope this is addressed. Spell lag is terrible, especially in the mage trials area.


Funny enough the ping displayed up top seems wrong as mine will also say 10-20ms but a CMD ping to the server will come back as around 130ms, As the servers are hosted in USA you’re most likely somewhere in the 100-150ms range like me but yeah spell sticking and random in air freezes is a huge problem! US players very rarely get wand sticking or in air freezes compared to EU/Oceanic players that I’ve talked to.


the worst part is when I am in longer boss fights and I have to triple tap my controller pad to release a spell because the game doesn’t respond at spell release… nearly got RSI multiple times because of that… or when I cast a spell and nothing happens… No failure animation or no success animation so I stand there waiting for something to happen and waste potential dps :frowning:.


That one is by far the worse. I spammed once the release button for like 5 seconds because I was very sure it was just internet lagg, but it wasn’t :expressionless:


That isn’t ping, it’s latency between your sensors and your controllers/hmd I believe.The game never displays your ping unless you have high network latency.


Exact same latency with my Vive. It’s server lag.


Though the ping difference will be different for people in other countries I still also get these problems in the USA


I too get these problems …

the most infuriating for me is when my spell lines dissappear.
I just spam my cast button every time in hopes it launches from my wand and begin my next cast and hope the lines all appear before cast completes. annoyingly it happens more arround others … so, in raids / dungeons.

or when it gets stuck on the wand and just wont get off it … I stand there shaking my wand like I can flick it off. Sometimes you can double trigger out of it.

I assume alot of this is due to a non-nominal internet connection, But I know some of it is not.