Point at player to see equipment

It would be neat to have a way in game to view what equipment other players are wearing. Pointing :point_right: at them could load the equipment menu of that player with stats, affixes, tiles, transmogs etc. Same as you see it on your own character.


YES YES YES! How i would love to be able to accurately judge a characters armor/stats before i go attack them in pvp instead of judging them from their transmogs (that guy with the elder wand transmog who actually had a plus five wand :sob:)

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I dont know. Maybe it shouldn’t work when in pvp. Not sure how I feel about that. I dont play pvp much. Maybe others who do could weigh in.

Outside PvP it seems fine to me all that information is on the armory website anyway. It would cut down on the questions of ‘what gear do you have?’ as well. In PvP it should not work as for example a scoundrel may have a different gun with different affix(es) to take into PvP.

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I can see all the green leaves inspecting 1 person in town now


Doesn’t necessarily have to be point if that makes people uncomfortable. The point (nonpun) is to make that info more readily available. Another option is to select it from the nearby player menu and then click view equipment next to invite to party… There could be an option to turn it on or off in the settings as well for people who do not want to share their equipment with others.

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All the noobs when they see the level 30 with dyed armor and the +6 legendary sword:

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I have seen it where you can click on the name and get a picture of the player. Putting that function in the top tile of the menu would work. You can also go into the Armory app and see the player and what they are wearing.