Poison Pools up top in Boss 5 Hell Minion


I don’t think we should be able to bring poison pools up top in the Boss 5 Hell Minions. This happened in hard mode, but probably also happens in normal mode. Attached is a picture of me dead from one of the poison pools up top with the hell minion.

Can we get this fixed?


This isn’t supposed to happen. It was happening a lot during the first day and Riley confirmed it was unintended. He’s tried to fix it but apparently it’s still getting through somehow. We haven’t noticed it happen a lot has this occurred frequently for you all?


This didn’t happen frequently, but it did happen. It happened once during our run today.


Thanks for letting us know, we’ll look into it.


I am not sure, but it’s possible the icon first appeared while I was at the bottom and was still appearing while I was up top and probably dropped the pool in there.

Thanks for looking into it.


It must be something where as soon as the debuff runs out there is a 1 frame delay before the pool is dropped. Yes at 90 fps or even 45 fps it is really hard to get that to happen but there is a chance that you will be teleported to hell during that delay and then the poison will be dropped in hell. Removing the delay and adding a simple if then statement such as for example if poison_pool_dropping and send_to_hell = true then (code to drop poison pool) (code to send to hell)


As others have said I think for the most part this is fixed, I made a small change which might prevent this rare occurrence, please let me know if you see it again after today’s patch.


Thanks Riley! We’ll let you know if it still happens.


Speaking of a similar thing; Someone unbent in the hell demon; I was pulled up into hell and saved them with an ult; it is cool but unintended I feel.

Unbending Triggers Kill Response From Bosses

That appears to be part of a larger issue with unbending in general registering as a killshot sometimes (or maybe just with specific enemies) and having bosses un-aggro


You have 15 second in hell, if you don’t kill the demon during that time it will automatically kill you, this could be what are you seeing, unbending will keep you alive and you will be able to escape with the next person to be sent there, it will mostly be resetting because of the auto kill mechanic


I had forgotten the auto kill resets the demon, so maybe in that scenario it’s a different mechanic causing that.


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