Polymorph Griefing

So this is a tricky one… I ran into 2 mages who repetitively tried to polymorph something I was soloing to fully heal it and waste my time. Luckily they weren’t very good at casting it and it only fully healed once, but this begs the question of how can this be prevented?

The only thing I could think of … can you make it so that players can not polymorph something “tagged” by someone unless they are partied with the person who tagged the creature?

Maybe make it so that players cannot polymorph something in combat with someone else unless they are friends, in a party, or fellowship with the player.

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once I’ve seen someone attacked by mob and decided to help, the mob was outhealing our dps while bringing him down so I polymorphed it and we walked away.
I would rather see these mages banned, or they would find something else to exploit.

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One solution would be for Polymorph to not “heal” the creature. It automatically dissapears as soon as the mob is attacked, so lets just have it as a ‘wasted’ spell.

Have it so:
If you polymoph something mid combat and someone is attacking it, it just changed back with the same health.
Not possible for people to grief with the spell that way.

( I love the spell btw, and I’ve enjoyed rescuing a couple of players as they are close to death and trying to flee, then Bamm, enemy is a chicken and we wander off :smiley: )

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This one time, two low-level guys were hanging out near Tarth and trolling me so I led them into Lucian Plains and they got eaten by wolves. Good times

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Yeah I like the idea you are suggesting. But a bit different:

  • You can only polymorph a mob once in like 20 seconds. So repeated polymorphs won’t help the whole time.
  • If the polymorphed enemy is attacked again within 4 seconds, you can conclude the polymorph was useless and should result in the mob not being healed. Otherwise, heal the mob.
  • Also remember that the reason for healing the mob is preventing an exploit. For example: keep polymorphing in the fight with the mob causing the mob to not attack back in time before you polymorph again. So when the mob gets out of polymorph the mob should insta hit you back.

Oh I like that a hell of a lot. Especially the 20 second delay.

Even the ‘instant swing’ makes sense as I can assure you if my existence was briefly turned into a chicken, I would be very angry when I was me again and immediately lash out :smiley:

  • the boon here for gameplay means that those who are using it tactically to withdraw for example, would be ‘out of the hit box’ when it changes back.

Good shout Scott :slight_smile:

First off, Polymorph already has diminishing returns. So if you repeatedly cast it on the same creature it is only going to expire faster and faster. I can certainly look into making it to where if it has the max stacks of Polymorph it just doesn’t heal at all…I think the max at this point is like 4 already. In addition to that, Polymorphing a creature generates quite a lot of aggro, so I’d be surprised if someone could keep this up for very long without needing to just kill the thing anyway since it would just attack them eventually.

Secondly, however, if they were really just Polymorphing the creature for no other reason than to interfere with your normal playing of the game, and e.g. taunting you about it or something, then just Report them, as that’s a CoC violation. We’re not going to re-balance an entire spell in the game because two people are violating the rules, we’re just going to deal with it as it should be dealt with, which is to say as a CoC violation.

The reason that’s the right approach here is because re-balancing this one spell is just putting a highly ineffective bandaid on the problem. So we put a bunch of new rules and restrictions on Polymorph. Okay, now they are just going to run around and try to kill everything you are trying to kill before you can kill it. Or they are going to stand in front of the target so that your attacks hit them instead of it preventing you from attacking it. Etc. Unfortunately as with any game there are a lot of ways that people can choose to harass, and it’s impossible to put in-game mechanics in that prevent all of them, as that’s simply playing whack-a-mole.


Well that is very fair and very understandable.
For me the novelty of the spell alone is what makes it absolutely fantastic in my mind, not the tactical useage. (There’s a little inner Liam that still giggles like a child every time I get to make an enemy a chicken :smiley: )

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If you have that problem again you should probably leash the mob and just go somewhere else for a small period of time trolls can only troll people who allow it.

Fair enough, I will definitely report anyone that tries to do that again. It has been the only problem with the community I have run into thus far as most people seem extremely eager to group and have fun together.

Thank you for the responses!

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