Polymorphed Targets should keep their HP and take damage

This thread got me thinking, it would be a good idea. Obviously hitting a polymorph target can still break the polymorph, but the damage would be applied. Maybe the idea was to prevent people from rotating polymorph/damage spells, but idk does that make a real difference?

It reminds me of WoW’s Polymorph spell when, the mages would poly a enemy and the enemy would recover health while as a sheep / frog / pig etc.

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Yes , in other mmos when CCd they tend to regain health… tho on that note I think the first hit might transfer damage to the mob in cases of sleep … cant remember in cases of polymorph.

It would make a considerable difference if their health didnt regen at all …

Especially shamans mass polymorph.

Are diminishing returns placed on shaman poly ?

I think that is the balance.
In other mmos CrowdControl has diminishing returns (like pushback does) while in orbus there is no diminishing return on it so they regain full health to balance that.

Tho maybe making it a health regen system like other mmos where they regain health incrementally while polymorphed instead of all at once could be in order.

I’ve had people troll me and poly a mob when I’m low on health and so was it … if I strike it again it’s full health.

So maybe make mobs under the effect of a life well + regen while in poly so they dont instant max health you.

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