Portal Location List - Order by zone level

Just a quality of life suggestion.

(Edited due to being wrong :slight_smile: )

The list of portals currantly displays in a strange order that’s not logical.

It would be easier for new players especially, if they were listed in order of difficulty / level (Highsteppe, Rainforest, Lamavora, Hulthine’s, Wastelands).

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I thought they listed in the same order for everybody? They should be grouped by location. I’ve followed people by clicking in the same spot they were pointing to on teleport pillars.

Hmm, you’re right (of course). Why are Lamavora and Hulthine’s Basin above Highsteppe and the Rainforest though? It’s not logical. Shouldn’t it be in order of difficulty?


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Yes, they are the same for everyone. I agree with this suggestion (same message as reply for the sake of spam.)

I did think this the other day. Why not say what area its going to, so it has a heading of highsteppe with the tp to hidden garden and rope bridge under it ect. Then another header for Rainforest with those tps under it


^ this
There is no actual reason not to include this. Space is plenty, especially in VR.

I really like this suggestion.

The current order doesn’t make any sense, and until you’ve memorized every name of every teleport it is fairly difficult to figure out what each teleport location is called even after you went out and unlocked it yourself.

Even better would be if a picture of the world map popped up when you walked up to the teleporter and had nodes for each teleporter with their names so you could click on them to teleport to their locations, that would help a lot of people get used to the map when they start the game.


Love this! Just point to where you want to go.

i love the idea of integrating a map into the teleport pillars! i definitely think the teleport locations at the pillars should be more organized. i think a nice hybrid between this map idea and one of the original ideas mentioned earier (sorry, i forget whose idea it was) would be my pick.

for example maybe if the locations had headings (highsteppe, lamavora, hulthines, rainforest, wastes) and we organized by region from easiest to hardest, and then maybe if you hover over them a mini map could appear with a pinpoint of its location on the map. to me it seems like this might be a good way to go about it, and its not too different than the current system so people wouldnt have to adjust as much.

i think if a big map with tons of pinpoints all over it were to appear to me, id get overwhelmed and not know what is where until i got used to the map first. to the people who know the names of the locations they want to go, like in the current system, i think itd be easier. and those starting out would have to know the names of each location, but get that mini map as verification to help them learn and figure it out

I was going to suggest at the very least, put the name of the location on the pillar to make it easier to memorize. I still have a couple that I never use because I’m not sure it is were I want to go.