Possible Locations for Trickster Chest in Reborn for Each Zone

Goblin is fun (please don’t remove it!) but it doesn’t always force PVP due to it taking so long to find occasionally or occasionally no one in the zone finding it. People miss having the chest in game since you always knew right where it was and could make plans to fight other player.

It would be nice to have chest and goblin. I think it would be cool if trickster chest were brought back on a 10 hr timer but go further and every 24 hrs, cycle through one of the five zones (highsteppe plains, lamavora, hulthiness basin, rainforest and wasteland.)

For Lamavora, it could spawn all the way in the back of crystal cave.

-There’s a bunch of mobs in the far reaches of this cave, so AoEs and splash attacks would be risky near the chest. People would have to fight their way out, and then fight their way across the battlefield of lamavora to get back to highsteppe.

For Hulthines’ basin have it spawn all the way down on the docks in the town.

-Short of having a trickster chest in the city of highsteppe, this would become OrbusVR’s urban combat map. You get the chest and have to run up the city ramps as rangers and casters rain death from above. (Also the town is stunningly beautiful and one of my favorite features in the game, so there’s that) Would make elevation heavily feature in combat for this chest. This one just seems so much fun to me.

For Highsteppe plains, maybe directly in the mouth of Sarrow’s cave

-This way people can decide if they want to approach it from outside the cave in the plains area or hide in the cave until it spawns and then attack the opposing party. Sarrow’s cave is also opposite highsteppe meaning there should still be opportunity for PVP as people travel back.

For Rainforest, maybe in the Cut-Throat Cave, or even near (but not in) the ambassador village.

-Just don’t put it to close to Demon Cave or people will just run to the raid entrance.

For Wastelands, not sure about this one.

-My first thought would be on that platform near the Old Growth event. You can pally teleport up there but can’t teleport up there normally. This would force parties to really think about who is grabbing the token and give away their position as soon as they tp. Something like this might be fun mechanic to have but only occasionally in a pvp event. Alternatively, there’s another hidden area/fortress thing in the wastelands but I can’t really describe it, but maybe that one could be good.

Anyone else have thoughts on where pvp would be most fun by a chest in each zone?

*Edited to add Boldness to get to the point cause I’m wordy.

-Just don’t put it to close to Demon Cave or people will just run to the raid entrance.

Or take out that exploit all together. It’s simple. Make the door just like a teleportation stone when you have the token. Super easy fix. That would make it better and more fun. Only people and guilds that can not pvp go that way anyways. I’m still confused as to why it hasn’t been fixed and rewarding sub-par to non-pvp players.

It would be cool if like the raid, each chest location gave a different kind of trickster chest drop. So a trickster chest token (lamavora) would be different and get you different transmogs than a trickster chest token (hulthine’s basin). So pvp groups have to be good at all the locations.

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