Possible new end game content?

So someone brought up something like a wave based type of mode and I actually liked the idea so it got me thinking
The idea is to have some sort of arena maybe as big as the airship dungeon just style it like a dungeon the goal would be a wave based survival and sent new add group every time the next one is killed change up the groups kinda like air ship slowly increase the health and damage and every 10 maybe every 25 rounds spawn in a boss maybe just the Minatar or something you get the some type of trans mog maybe like a helmet when you kill the boss and make it not tradable and then you fight more adds and get the same boss with more damage and health and a deferent type of trans not like a shoulder or something and the idea is it will be hard to get all of the pieces of gear but you know the player is good if they have all of them and like after round 100 or something like that all your trans mog is gotten then you can go for highest possible round to see who is the most skilled group would have a party cap of 5 player like a normal dungeon party.


Ok so this was brought up again I already talked about it a little bit but to not rule out dungeons make only obtainable things trans mog but make the trans mog like purple so when you break it down you get glimmering shards from it so it’s not completely useless also make possible chances for different legendary trans mog and also even a decent effervescent farm if your a good enough player.


I like This idea, it will add something new to the game and help control effervescent prices and new transmogs are always good especially ones you have to work for

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I liked this idea tied to getting some sort of ingredients to create perfect shards so that you could role the strength, intellect, defence, or vitality on a weapon or armour up to perfect stats

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@deadeye there needs to definitely be enough of a reason to farm dungeons but I also agree that there should definitely be something else added besides shards and trans mog maybe level 2 bracers or something so you can still get bracers but still need to go to the island for level 3

It would be cool to sort of have a system where you have a chance of getting a perfect shard and it upping your weapon or armor stats for like let’s say +2 intellect per shard. I would love the see the shard’s be like a small bit rarer then efferecents. My reason for making them rare is because most end game players grinding and prob have their stats up around the 160 mark which if you that it’ll take you 4 perfects to get perfect +7 weapon. Which I guess would be pretty decent


@Foxy yeah I definitely agree with that idea would definitely have more reasons to grind this mode as well as still run shard dungeons normally. charmaster actually also bought up the fact that pots that don’t drop from shards could drop here as a incentive to always farm this mode if your looking for those types of pots because they could not always be on the market, he suggested anything from like giant growth pots for the memes, body lantern potions, actual useful things like super charger potions, fish sent attractors, rune sights potions, and this is a kinda maybe like masked Scent potions just make all the drop chances low so there is still a point to making the actual pots at the alchemy table, also just thinking about this now but there could also be dyes that drop from there that are specific to that game mode only.

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Ok so ima also going to mention this before I forget but the whole idea of this would be to learn multiple classes like having a AOE Damage class and your single Damage class like all the classes are useable for AoE except for ranger which I came up with and idea like have the darkness arrow be some type of dot damage or something AOE in that mode only because scoundrel has dot spread and shaman can actually be a lot more useful and true affliction mage can also be used in a way. That way people will actually have to be good at multiple classes to progress far in the mode.

Ranger already has an AOE attack though? Scoundrel doesn’t unless you count burning certain cards and then using a poison card.

the aoe isnt that amazing. poison should spread between enemies tbh

If the duration for poison for scoundrel was not decreased when dot spreading it would be useful and adding a little more AoE for ranger would definitely help out so then all the classes could be useful in that situation but if they had add groups of 5 or more then AoE for all classes would be more useful then just single target dps

In the games files there was a roman colloseum map with nothing in it

Devs confirmed that was more of a prototype/earlier test kind of thing, not representative of what’s coming.