Possible new perk point bonuses

I suggested this before but then a lot of stuff happened with the game. I have long since maxed out all my perk point bonus possibilities. I’ve been thinking about what other perks would make sense without giving an unfair advantage in the game. Along those lines, I’d like to request a perk that would increase the amount of time it takes for your dragon/pet to get hungry (move through their emotions).

It could also be cool to have a perk to reduce the amount of time needed for your dragons to mate.


I like both those options maybe a third if you max it out a provide some way to add a second bonus trait to a pet. So you could give your pet bonus treats and randomly change both bonuses so several attempts may be needed to get the desired combination.

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I’d like it if they made it so that Gatherer and Jumper weren’t useless. Gatherer needs a larger detection range, and Jumper needs to be better than -20%.

This seems like it should have it’s own suggestion topic but in any case I can’t think of any situation where I would be likely to prefer jumper as a dragon talent. Why would I be going to my player house that often and why couldn’t I just switch to mage and draw a portal to fellowship? Maybe if I were filling a market stall or taking pots to a fellowship chest? IDK.

Now if a dragon could help me with critter capture, there’s a talent I could get behind (especially on lizards and birds).