Potential for integration of people who don't play in VR

I have now a couple of friends who own, (or will shortly), VR Headsets. But I understand this isn’t the case for everyone. VR headsets are expensive and a lot of people can’t afford one.

Way down the line I would love to see some integration that allows people who don’t have VR headsets to interact with the World. I’m not talking about being able to play with just Mouse and Keyboard, but more about people who don’t have a VR headset to spectate events, or maybe control a market stall offering buy or sell prices.

I think the easiest potential integration would be for tournaments, to be able to tune in and watch. Maybe even have something like a virtual crowd (see Black Mirror S1E2 (Fifteen Million Merits)). But just something that allows people without headsets to be involved in the game.

I imagine once we get the Grand Tournament up it will definitely support some sort of Twitch streaming or the like so people who don’t have VR headsets can still tune in.