Potion ageing shelf

it would be helpful full to have a timer when tells me how long will the potion age every time I put in my calendar and I log in the right time should be age and did not age I end up overage potion after


I write it down but I agree, its VR, so an in-game solution would be much preferable. It’s realistic for Orbus characters to be able to produce notes or otherwise track this information in their world lol.

Nice idea. I agree :+1:

but than there wouldn’t be as much of the community coming together, and finding out the times and sharing that info to the rest of the player base.

At the least the equivalent of a whiteboard and eraser in our basements would be enough, assuming they can keep them loaded without bugging lol.

Could be a timer that you start yourself and not one that automatically starts when you put the potions in.

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I was thinking like the Auction house timer for the stalls but the potion would make it sure even I put on my calendar the day and time I would not have to do crazy methods for my potion show aged or watch my ageing shelf for my potion show up age or runed