Potion aging info please

Does anyone have any feedback or explanation on the duration of time we want to age our potions and also what the fuck does it do?

yeah it’s broken as of yesterday and the day before. i’ve had many potions just staying the same in there. when it works you put a (for instance) healing potion. you wait some amount of hours (don’t want to spoil it) and then it will become a more powerful potion. try this with all the potions you got and see what u get. it hasn’t worked for me so i can’t tell u if anything happens to giant potion or to fishing attractor or to a ruined potion (was hoping for some type of poison or something random).

go to your basement all the way in the back you’ll see a chest with a potion on it with a shelf right behind. put pots in there and check back every few hours or the next day or whenever you feel like it. if you wait too long the potions go bad (or so someone said). idk if there are different levels to potions. ex: healing-> greater healing-> ??super healing??

You’re supposed to discover how long to age different potions on your own. They increase the effects of certain potions

idk if potion aging is ever explained in a quest because i haven’t done many. if not then lol… i only found out about that part of the basement cuz someone said it on the forums XD

This game has a lot of stuff that isn’t explained or just straight up hidden. best thing to do is hop in game and ask someone higher lvl than you. the devs want that social interaction to be where we get info instead of google. a lot of little things in the game work that way where one guy kind of just discovers it and then passes the info to a friend and they pass it on and soon enough everyone’s a runemage.

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