Potion crafting table

the posion crafting table needs to be a smaller circle to easily reach potion or for the ferther sides make a shelf easy reach . also be easy to craft adjustable heat nob because i faild 10 x level 30 pots 3 times and a few guildies have once even they did everything right

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I have noticed that the ingredients need to be added when the potion is still bubbling. It seems to fail when when added to the potion while it is the correct color and not bubbling.

Doesn’t matter if it is bubbling or not. Order matters though. And I can guess if you put the ingredients in when not bubbling the chance on having lower attention and making a mistake without being aware of is probably higher. (Because your already late on putting the ingedients in)

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Yea that was already mentioned since the Beta no clue why that was changed from the old 2-row layout… I got used to switch places of ingredients in the chest after each second or so color, to have them in spot 1 and 2 to the left and right, but it’s tedious. Especially for the bazillion different ingredients needed for the lvl 30 potions. Got not too much space to the left and right, so even if I reach out for the third ingredient in line I bump my hand frequently. The spots 4 and 5 are basically just for deco, no one got ape arms like that, so even if there was space you’d need to run back to the pot, which is pretty dull…

Or you can use locomotion to move to either end of the table. You can also trow the ingredients into the pot.


my throwing skill are terrible to each ingredients i grab to make a pot live a 5 or 10 its nerve ranking

I know order matters. And I am quite aware of adding the ingredients during the correct color. Whether it is lag from client to server I’m not sure but I have gotten ruined potions for some of the items I crafted unless I added ingredients while it was still bubbling.

I find I run into the same also. It’s much more accurate and helpful not to move during the operation. The table is so big that I unintentionally hit everything in my room trying to grab things quick enough and put them in the pot before it changes colour.

The temporary workaround that I am using is to put the items in the slots that make them available right next to the cauldron. All in order of drop priority. Usually all on the left, but if there is too much, I might put one or two on the right. Let’s not forget the book, I put that facing me, to the left of the cauldron, right above/behind the items on the table. Moving around also makes reading the book on the fly super difficult.

Another problem with throwing is that the items sometimes stick to your hand, potentially causing you to miss the time-frame, I generally hold them and simply put my hand in the pot.

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I have experienced:

  1. Items stuck to the hand.
  2. Misreading the book due to moving. (I hold the book in hand for that reason now)
  3. Trying to reach an ingredient in time. (I put ingredients closest to the cauldron now or just throw them)
  4. Panicing when 3x ingredients are called for in the same colour.
    I’d like to see an ingredient rack over or right next to the cauldron for ease of use.
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