Potion Recipe? Where can i find them?

I want to make a bunch of Giant Elixirs.

I followed the wiki but after 3 attempts I never made one.

Is it not implemented yet, or do i need to know the recipe first?

If i need the recipe first, where can i find it?


Edit: Turns out I cant follow instructions.

All is good.

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All I know about that potion is that you can get 1 from doing a quest gathering rotto spores.

However I saw a video a while back of someone using 2, one after the other.

Yeah, but i want to make more :slight_smile:

and just other potions in general. If my potion will fail, even if i do it correctly, I would like to know before i invest myself in acquiring more mats for other nice potions like Crit and Luck.

Well, this beta will end tomorrow. Everything will be wiped. Take the session with several grains of salt, because I foresee the game changing a lot.

in not worried about progression, I’m just trying to test #beta #theCakeisALie

Potions are a fun Toy and I want to poke at them. :stuck_out_tongue:

There will not be another wipe for the remainder of all the beta tests. From what the devs say, the next wipe will be when early access hits.

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You can definitely make them and progress will not be wiped.

Edit: The recipes are confusing to some people the way they are worded. If you type out what you are doing step by step I can let you know if you are doing something wrong :slight_smile:

:smiley: thanks friend :smiley:

Im following the Wiki entry for alchemy here : https://wiki.orbusvr.com/Alchemy

Giant Potion
A potion which causes you to become very large for a short period of time.
-Green Bellied Bass, wait for Warm (Green)
-2 Reedflutes, wait for Hot (Yellow)
-King Sweetie Apple, Reedflute, wait for Warm (Green)
-Green Bellied Bass, finish immediately (while still Cold)

So i put in a Bass Filet, and i wait for it to turn green,

once it turns green, I drop 2 reedflutes in, one when its green, the otehr immediately while it is still blue.

Then once the pot gets Yellow, i put in an apple.

Lastly, once the pot gets green, i put in the last Bass filet and bottle it.

Here are some screen shots. Haha he cast the line so far as a giant he was reeling it in for about a minute.

It looks like you are missing the reedflute after the apple.

haha looks like maybe this is in the wrong thread?



Time to go Fishing for memes!

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Nope its the right thread. This is Allen when he took the potion. That is why he wants more is for longer casts lol

Ah lol sorry, I was thinking about Elijah’s thread where people are posting their screenshots! Love the giant fishing guys lol

We actually should change the way the instructions are given on the wiki. What about this?:

(Healing potion)

  • On blue (the begin), add a Queen’s Ear
  • When green, add a Roto Spore
  • When blue (right after), add the second Queen’s Ear
  • When yellow, add the Sunfish
  • When blue, finish immediately (with the empty bottle)

If nobody has a problem with this, I will change all of them to this format.


This would actually be really nice!

The “When color add ingredient” format is much more clear.

I second this change!

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Yes please, that’s a much easier format to follow

I think actually what we are planning on doing is changing it so that after you add an ingredient at a color, it stays on that color for like 5 seconds longer so you can add another ingredient. So that way when we say “Add these 3 things on green” it will actually be green the whole time you are adding those things,then you will wait 5 seconds and it will reset back to blue and start over again.


That is a good plan! For when are you planning on changing this? If it is in the next test, then nothing has to change to the text.