Practice/learn spells online


I found the spell-recognition system in Orbus super cool, so I thought I would have a go building something similar myself. The code isn’t super pretty, but it’s something I hacked together over the weekend and it works pretty well.

Quick note: The spells stored as the “guides” are just simplified versions of I how I drew them or what I know them to look like. They are not perfect, nor can I guarantee they are the same used in the game.

This whole thing is just an approximation, hopefully allowing people to learn runes or shortcuts or just experiment (I’ve found one shortcut so far that works in-game using it).

There’s a system in place (-ish) for adding your own runes, and if people are interested in how it works, all the code’s there, but feel free to PM me, especially with advice or criticisms.


Press “O” to toggle the guides on and off, and SPACE to “submit” a spell. If you go to draw after you have submitted a spell it will automatically start a new one, and if you submit a spell and it matches one of the set one the rune will turn green and the spell will be shown below.

- Ragtag


i noticed a few shortcuts are not in there


Because I don’t use exactly the same system, there will be some differences. Some shortcuts may be possible in there and not in game, and vice-versa, but all of the major shortcuts I tried worked.


Wow this is a great Idea, Ill be sure to try it out later!


This is very cool and interesting. What I do notice, if I start drawing a spell from certain location, the guides are overlaying in the wrong direction. For example, if you start drawing fireball 2 starting from the top, you will never recognize the fireball 2 spell.


Hi Scott, thanks for the feedback! I actually knew about this when I released it, since it was the easiest way for me to implement it. However I’ve already fixed it by basing it on the centre of mass of the drawing instead of the starting point, here’s the link:


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