Problem with king stag dinner

Ok The chef wants 5 green bellied bass in exchange for the stag meat meal. Here’s the problem I am currently level 7. I have killed countless creatures…not a single one has dropped a tooth for me. I need a tooth to craft the proper lure to catch green bellied bass (I hate fishing by the way). Not enough players on right now for me to beg, borrow, or steal from. I think the chef needs to ask for sunfish. Its the first fish you catch in the fishing quest line. So the people that despise fishing aren’t forced to fish for prolonged periods of time just to continue the main story.

That may make sense. But by the way you can buy a tooth from one of the vendors

A tongue catches sunfish and bass. Very common drop

all the vendors seem to have blank pages when I talk to them. I mostly get sunfish from tongue and eye. I think caught like one bass. I’ll keep fishing but like I said before, I hate fishing and it might put fellow fishing haters off by having to fish for an hour or two just to progress the main story.

took me about 15 minute, maybe less to catch 4 sunfish and 5 bass off 2 tongue lures. Maybe RNG just isn’t your friend haha

I’m thinking RNG is my mortal enemy.

You’re gonna hate alchemy if you don’t like fishing :slight_smile: you need fish to make potions. Just grab a friend and fish with them. or walk up to some strangers fishing.

I recommend starting up an audiobook to listen to as you fish.

I like to listen to mellow dance music while I fish and get my boogie on.

Im actually always listening to mellow dance music and getting my boogie on in-game.
I’m Sour the boogie down cowboy. :cowboy_hat_face:

I’m VR you make the /dance.

lol Since I’m an audiobook addict I think I’ll take Damages suggestion, and bring a chair.


I believe wolves tend to drop them pretty regularly.

I had farmed wolves for awhile trying to get a weapon upgrade, nothing. Though I did eventually find one in the market, and than one dropped for the plains guardian. As far as the shops go I noticed when I purchased the tooth, the rest of his inventory disappeared and a message said something about setting prices. All the other merchants showed just blank white pages.

Yeah, that just means they have nothing posted at the moment.

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