Problems with Swearing in game

I am teaching a friend how to play OrbusVR Reborn, but I have been basically been unable to walk through Highsteppe with him without hearing multiple swear words from other players. I usually avoid hearing all the swearing by just turning off voice chat and playing solo, but I would like to be able to help my friend with quest NPCs, player house, etc. without hearing crass language from other players. Any way my friend and I can talk using in game voice chat and still avoid the swearing?

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Mute voices and use discord. If you’re on quest, then probably not.

I do play on Quest…

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There’s party chat by holding the compass to your face, but I am pretty sure that is tied to in-game voices. So unless they began support for voice/party voice chat then there is no solution for your problem. You would need to re-open this thread as a suggestion post and wait for a long time for it to get implemented.

You can also mute everyone but your friend, but this is unrealistic and doesn’t exactly solve your problem, it only fixes it after the fact.

You’ll have this problem in many other VR games. It’s easier to filter text.

Ok, thank you

If you’re both on quest you can start a party chat through the oculus software and then turn voices off in game


You can also use Discord on your phone or tablet. I’m on Quest and I use Bluetooth headphones and my IPad.

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Hi, in addition to what the others are suggesting, we do have a Code of Conduct and although we can’t act on every curse word, anything that is a slur, or insulting other players, or sexual language is a violation of our CoC and we can take actions against it. Feel free to report these players in game using the proximity menu and selecting their names, and we will follow up on it.

Does that work? I thought party chat does not work in games that use the mic even if you turn off the mic in game.

I’m not 100% sure, it’s been years since I used the oculus party chat

Unfortunately you get that in Vr people feel they can say and do anything. Maybe that is one of the appeals to some people saying and doing things your normally cannot. I would just use your phones to do discord.

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I haven’t heard a ton of cursing and I try to avoid it unless I’m in a place I know kids aren’t around.

That said, I wish the whole world knew where “bad words” came from because it’s actually really stupid. It’s literally just a class segregation thing from way back when. Learn all about it on VSauce!

Maybe it’ll help your friend to know that bad words has absolutely nothing to do with religion.

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