"Proto helm" transmog

please can you make the “Proto Helm” a transmog item ive been playing orbus for quite a while and im bummed out that i have no pre born transmogs as ive played it, so all i have to show my long stay is my elongata cape, but all i ask of you is please o please let me transmog my helmet. Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

I just want the techno mage helm transmog. Whenever I see anyone wearing it I think to my self how aerodynamic they must be with those fins attached to their head. It looks so goofy and I love it.

wait, i mean i want the devs to add it because i have the in game item “proto helm” from pre born orbus

Wait, So the transmog just simply doesn’t exist anymore in the closet?

hte proto helm was an item from classic orbus its unobtainable now even the texture is gone. i have alot of classic orbus items and there is no transmogs for them but i want the proto helm transmog because i have the actual item

When they brought over transmogs from pre-born, they only brought over techno and up, so techno, spiro, raid normal and raid hard/expert. If you had any of those transmogs unlocked in old-game you can use those transmogs now.

The proto gear unfortunately wasn’t remade for the reborn character models, even tho they originally said they would bring over everything from proto gear and up.