Purge inactive users with low playtime

Currently there are loads of users with almost no playtime who haven’t logged on in months-years. These users have often taken usernames that other players might want.

So, I think you should perform a purge of all current characters that have not logged on in 6 months and have less than 2 hours of playtime. I think this would clear up quite a few taken names and allow new players to pick a name more freely and not have to use special characters or extra characters to get the name they want.


+1 for this

I also feel like there is a ton of players that haven’t played since oldbus ( over 2 years now). It would be nice to have players with say 6 hours or less have there names no longer be taken.


Maybe not purging the entire character, but releasing the names to be used again? Replace the inactive player’s names with “Inactive Player xxxx” and give them the option to rename on next login? (Hey, that means they’d need an in-game renaming system… :thinking: :wink:)


Alternatively just send out an email to all accounts that have a character getting purged, letting them know and give them a 24 hour window to either log in or respond to the email if they wish to keep the character.


that’s a bad idea what happened you use orbus with a different email and did not see the email and your account will be forever gone from the wrongly removing character without knowing. also what happened log in a long time want to play your main character but too late is gone you will end up late of hard work done the drain. instead of purging inactive character name .allowed users yous a name or private message the orbus dev

They just have to loose their name. They aren’t loosing their character. They just have to rename it.


Our current system is mostly fine.

There are a lot of games where names are unique and bound to only one character. The difference is in those games when you (yourself) delete a character, the name comes up again for use by others.

(As far as I know) Orbus takes the name out of circulation even if a character is deleted or a name is changed (please correct me if I am wrong).

If Orbus put deleted names back in circulation for use, that would open up a lot of options for players.

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I am not fine with a system where a player gets rewarded for taking a name, play 20 mins, and then never log in again for the next 2 years.


I am, the player bought the right to two names when they spent their hard earned $$ on the game.

If they log in again tomorrow, next week, or 4 years from now is no business of mine (or yours).

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I’m pretty sure this is incorrect, once a character is deleted I believe their name is available again.

When they’ve spent less than 2 hours in the game and haven’t logged on in over 6 months I’d say it’s pretty safe to assume that they are not going to log on again. And if they will, then the email I suggested above will let them know and give them a chance to keep their character.
As for hard earned $$, at that playtime there’s a good chance they refunded the game or were playing on the demo. In either of those cases they have not currently spent any money on the game.


Superb, that would free up a lot of names.

I had forgotten about the demo accounts. That could be solved with a DEMO-username, where they can pick a permanent username after purchase, and wear the demo (or a character of the devs choosing) in front of their name until then.

On the refunding the game, the user name should (hopefully already) be going back in to circulation in that instance anyways.

I disagree with this part. If they paid money and kept the game, then they have a right to the names. Their total playtime is irrelevant (and again none of our business).

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No it will not, refunding the game does not change their orbus account or any character associated with it.

That should be fixed. Refunding the account should auto-delete the characters & free up any names associated with that account.

Refunding an account is far more permanent than just deleting a character.

I don’t believe they can do that in any reasonable way. Your orbus account is separate from your steam/oculus account.
Afaik, the only way they could kinda do that would be by checking every account that could be eligible for a refund and checking if the associated steam/oculus account owns orbusVR or not. Which for steam you can have your games private so they wouldn’t be able to check everyone and oculus I believe only friends can see what games an account has. So you’d only get a small portion of refunded games covered like that.

They could add in an email confirmation to refund the account.

“You want the game refunded, great. What is the email associated with this account?”

Provides email.

“Log in to Orbus and click the I want to refund my account button, on the login screen to verify.”

Clicks button.

“Your refund is being processed and should be in your account by xyz date.”

That’s just not how the refunds work, they’re handled by steam and oculus, the devs get no input or say in refunds, or info on what accounts refunded the game, just how many accounts have refunded the game ever.

Well that sucks.

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You can not do that. People pay for the game. It’s not free. Also people have real life stuff going on. Can’t believe anyone would suggest taking something away that people pay for.


If they choose to pay and then play for less than 2 hours and never play again, then that’s just shitty for the next person who wanted the name they took.

And if you read the thread, it’s not just people who payed for the game, but also demo users and people who refunded the game taking up names other new players who may actually play the game want.

Repeat from the post cu it really didn’t seem like you understood what I suggested: Purge inactive users with less than 2 hours played.

I like this idea best. All orbus emails get sent to my spam folder and I get no notifications (idk how to fix this) and it’d really suck to have a tiny 24h window to respond. The characters shouldn’t be deleted but as Kat said they should be renamed and the name be released. This way nothing is taken away from the person since they paid except for their name.