Put explore the realm points on the API

For Defend the realm your personal points were on your public character API, this allowed for the armory to make a fellowship leaderboard which helped motivate people to get points and since the points are uncapped now we can also compete on an individual level without it being just the top 20 spots having points maxed out.
when explore the realm was announced I asked if the points would be put on the API like with defend the realm to which I got this reply

so why aren’t the explore the realm points on the API?


Yeah a leaderboard would be great, getting it on the API would be the easiest way for that to happen

Ideally we could get the individual’s score from their own character API AND from a leaderboard API. So that way we can check ours scores as well as not have to iterate through every player in the game to create our own leaderboard :3 (Like the levels_past_30 leaderboard API)

Would be additional motivation to participate in the Explore-The-Realm <3


I fear this got burried - I think it is highly underestimated by devs what visible progress does to motivate players.

So far this event is rather a disappointment, sorry, the green bar is not really moving, points are “doubled” for a week (means in fact, devs do the event themselves since community alone is not willing or able to…).

What are we putting all our stuff in for, what should we farm for after personal rewards are gotten? It does not look like contributions matter, the island will be released when it is decided to be released.

Now IF there was a leaderboard to at least see who puts how many, or even guild contribution like in the last event, this would be major, major incentive to go on with that. It would be fun to compete with others and that is a reason to put playtime in. If points are just going to nirvana like this, no-one will see them but you, yourself in your book and perhaps the handful you screenshot it to :stuck_out_tongue: , it is just a waste of resources and time to compete, just my 2 cents on this.
(And I am a major contributor despite, at least I hope so, no-one can really know since others points are hidden… still not giving up hope that this is added soon).


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