Pvp discussion for trickster and battlegrounds


pvp is not dead alot of people go for the like my carnage guild member including Monday knights alphabet and karma and fireflies and a Japanese guild the name i don’t remember go for the trickster goblin also some user do pvp battlegrounds also so pvp is not really dead you just need to find a time to catch a high player time for it

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I mean… with an active player base peaking at 100 players on average (generously) I am not surprised PvP is dead.

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sorry Lia, but as i said in the discord

Pvp is dead
You get 1 other person for each chest and very rarely more
Not to mention over world pvp
That’s more dead than guardian bart

and honestly what i think would fix pvp is a real reason to turn it on and face the dangers of being hunted by bloodthirsty players, the “few more herbs” thing is neat, but people often refuse to turn it on because there is a likely chance that they are going to lose it.
I would also like to have a map in your player journal that shows you where everybody is with their pvp on, this would make pvp ALOT less boring as you are constantly hunting or being hunted, this would get rid of fights being multiple hours apart and (I beleive) make pvp a much more enjoyable experience, this map is also not available if you are in a party with more than 2 people (like battlegrounds)
i like pvp lol

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then why dont we do a small comunity base game similar to trickster goblin but its a real user and more then one person with a raw loot in there bag