Pvp mechanics help

If i’m a gunner and I shoot a heal on the floor, will it heal both me and the enemy player? what if i want to heal someone in the wilds? can you only heal party members? what if you are a bandit and someone else is a bandit and you want to heal them?

does the warrior horn shield enemy players? what about people who aren’t bandits yet?

how strong are the guards supposed to be to a lvl 20? will they one shot me or can i possibly run past them before i die (blocking the ranged attacks with my shield

I think it will be players designated as allies will be healed/shielded, so I would say if they are part of you party you can heal/shield team mates.

so no helping people getting tanked besides damaging the bandit

maybe I’m not shore on how it works so possibly but probably not

All abilities in the game are designed to target either “enemy” or “friendly” targets. So for example an attack will only do damage to a valid enemy, a heal (such as an orb) will only heal a valid friendly.

If you are NOT a bandit, friendly targets are anyone in your party, and any normal player who is not a bandit. Bandits are enemies.

When you are a bandit, everyone else is an enemy, unless they are in your party and also a bandit.

So basically if you want to heal a bandit, you would need to be in their party and also yourself be a bandit. If you aren’t a bandit, you don’t have to worry about healing bandits, it won’t happen.

The guards are intended to basically be unkillable, and kill you very quickly if you are a bandit. The idea is that if you are seen by a guard as a bandit, you should generally speaking have a pretty bad day. That’s why there aren’t guards that just wander out in the Wilds.

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I tried to attack a guard as a bandit but as soon as I got close to them, they all came running at me and 2 shot me. I tried to get a few spells off but didn’t seem to do any damage to them. Now I know why:)

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