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I had a thought about how pvp was like in the over world. Because I never see any reason to go pvp other than for that xp boost.

People who have pvp on typically have nothing of value on their person because they just empty inventory before heading out. It’s not like they lose gear or xp if they die x3

  • risk getting killed and spending dram on repairs for a small chance that the opponent forgot to drop off their stuff. (talking about the attacker pov)

The risk/reward thing doesn’t really add up.

There isn’t much insensitive to pvp others outside of BG.

I never turn pvp on so I might not know all of it.

I spend maybe 25% of my time with PvP on. The times I do, yes, I drop off my valuables before I go out. With it on, my main purpose is either getting the Goblin, or hunting for others with PvP on. It’s not about the XP gain because xp is so easy to get, and the 10% isn’t enough of a difference to me.

As far as incentive, catching the drop on somebody fishing or farming materials with PvP on is incentive enough to me. I’ve gathered a good chunk of materials from people I’ve killed out and about. Enough to make PLENTY of potions, which I plan on doing soon. That, and the fun/challenge of fighting somebody else out in the world is awesome.

People turn pvp on to gather and fish? Why xD that’s like saying “I could be killed at any time but imma go fishing and make it easy for pvpers”

Or, they forget to turn it off

Either forget to turn it off or enjoy the risk of it. Not sure which, but I have no qualms taking advantage of it lol. It’s not always about the drops either; world PvP is exciting and fun!

I walk around with PvP on every single second. Idk if the story is alot different for American timezones (based on Mishka’s comment about killing around) but the chance on me getting attacked is once every 60 days xD. I walk around with all valuable recourses and do my business until I am full weight. The thing is even if you lose the stuff it is all worth max 1 hour of walking around and killing stuff, or fishing… That is nothing special. The xp is the reason I have it on. 10% doesn’t seem much. But if you go for insane numbers like 2400 overlevels. That is still 240 overlevels of time you win.


I totally hate pvp, I wish the wilds were back so that they make more sense to me. I hate to go back to highsteppe just to switch to pvp!

its just a waiting game, I will be back to pk if pvp is ever revamped, if not I guess ill play games with more pvp

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