PvP Suggestions

Most of you reading this most likely don’t PvP; it’s a small community with short and distant interactions. I’d like to suggest a few things not to necessarily get more people into PvP but to expand upon what PvP already offers.

The biggest thing I’d like to see in PvP is more depth on the risk-reward factor of it. Currently in game the only real reward is 10% more xp, and it’s a great thing! Buttt you’ll rarely ever notice it or benefit much from it unless you constantly have PvP on. Awhile ago having PvP enabled would spawn more harvestables that you could collect, this has since been removed. I thought it would be a great idea to reimplement this. It could be easily reimplanted by just giving double harvestables at 25% rate, similar to over-level bonus potions/lures.

Another idea is giving an even bigger xp bonus to world events, PvPers take a risk by going to a location that’s not only marked on the map, but will also have other people, and not to mention they’ll have to remain there for a few minutes. I thought giving them a bigger xp bonus other than just 10% would be a great idea.

I’d also like to suggest changes to the Trickster Goblin. First off I’d like to see it happen more often, It’s by far the most fun part of Orbus for me and many others! Maybe every 2-3 hours instead of every 4. Another idea I’ve heard from a few others is a Trickster Goblin Pet, I think the Goblin looks really cute and I for one would love to have them as a pet. You could of course have it as a pet for maybe 50 tokens, but one of my friends suggested that the pet drop from the trickster goblin itself at a very rare rate. I absolutely loved this idea of it dropping from the goblin itself, as it give people who already have everything in the store a reason to go and get goblins. You could have it drop in a item crate so you could trade extra goblin pets. This crate should only be openable in PvP safezones/Highsteppe

I’ve got a few ideas as for balance changes on the Trickster Goblin event. Big thing is speed pots, I understand that speed pots are a very important thing to a few who do the Trickster Goblin event, and I wouldn’t want them to be nerfed to where they’re useless or anything. The big change that I’d like to see is that someone who has a Trickster Token in their inventory shouldn’t be allowed to drink/use speed pots. This would be very simialir to the use of invis pots, as a person who has a Trickster Token can’t use an invis pot. Another change to speed pots I’d like to see is making them a bit slower while increasing their duration. Decreasing their speed would make it a bit easier for the person with the token to escape and the duration increase would allow for less speed pots to be used during goblin and give it other uses outside of PvP.

Fishing! I think that PvPers who fish should get a big increase, as those who fish AND have PvP on are taking a big risk by sitting in the same spot for awhile and having valuable fish on them. There’s already a bonus fish over-level perk so a few ideas I have are: increase the xp earned by fishing drastically, higher rate for fish biting lures, faster reel in rate, and an additional chance to catch extra fish-maybe 25 percent-that wouldn’t stack with the bonus fish perk to allow for catching 3 fish within a single cast. TL;DR fishing in PvP doesn’t offer any change to those who don’t, I’d like to see a change in that.

Battlegrounds! A lot of people like battlegrounds, Main thing I’d like to see is adding the old map back into rotation, so you’d have a 50/50 on Ma’ats temple or the cave map. The new map (Ma’ats temple) has a lot of issues, big one to me is that there’s 4 flags instead of 3. Having 3 flags focuses action to the center flag, Ma’ats temple has 2 center flags which leads to a weird center. This map also has aberrations which just get in the way and mark you for death if you accidently hit them. The center is very very open, which heavily favors mages, this leads to players dying to fireballs that were invisible because they were cast outside of their render. The cave map had a similar issue but not as bad as Ma’ats temple. Another thing I’d like to see is a kdr (kill death ratio) added to the end stats pop-up.

Give Musketeer, Bard, and, shaman a damage reduction in PvP as they have a hard time competing with other classes in PvP. The same could be done to warrior, but warrior would have a far harder time competing in PvP given it’s combo-melee mechanic.

Above are all the ideas I have that would be easily added, not needing an artist for the game. Below are more outlandish and wishful suggestions.

A new PvP exclusive event! What exactly this could be is up for a lot of suggestions, but I’d really like to see another PvP only event beyond the Trickster Goblin. An idea I had is: KOTH (King of the hill) stay on the point/hill/area for X amount of time and get some type of reward, maybe Dram, xp, shards, harvestables, etc.

PvP duel activity. A 1v1 PvP arena-the colosseum map could be used for this and would fit the theme perfectly! People could que up for this from their menu and it would only take 2 people to get it to pop, allowing for this to-hopefully-be an alternative to battlegrounds when there isn’t enough people queuing.

PvP exclusive world drop. This could maybe be gloves to fit with the PvP long term reward. An interesting idea I had was having them be weapon transmogs.
This would allow for unique customization beyond the basic few weapon skins that are used by nearly everyone. It would also make these world drops very valuable as they’d be class specific. These world drops shouldn’t replace the normal world drops-where as anyone who has PvP on can’t get the 4 already in game-but should be treated just as an additional world drop. A change specific to this drop though could be that they can appear in the grinder pot, as taking the risk of grinding in PvP should be rewarded.

Adding the Trickster Goblin to Forsaken Isle. I’d like to have a new place to hunt down the goblin, and the Forsaken Isle would present a unique challenge in that it’s a treacherous place to traverse. This goblin should have one of those special abilities like the enemies on Forsaken Island, maybe one of those blue circles around it. Since you aren’t exactly able to get off the island with a token maybe you could add a beacon that is only visible to the trickster goblin holder that would lead to a boat that would take you back to a random place in Hulthines or a random place on the map.

PvP is a risk, and those who take that risk should be rewarded more than the 10% boost to xp, as those who do participate in PvP are generally already level 30. The goblin should be more often and should rarely drop a pet goblin in an item crate. Fishing in PvP is a big risk and thus should present a big reward. Doing world events in PvP should give far more xp than 10%. People in PvP should get a boost to hardvestables collected, as going on harvesting runs in PvP is a risk and should be rewarded.

If you have any suggestions for PvP or anything related to PvP I’d love to hear and read about them!

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Add a world PvP enabled zone is most important and make the loot more than worth people hanging out there :slight_smile: prob will never happen at this point though ( or more-so, go back to it )

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These are actually really good suggestions and would be really cool to see in game, these suggestions would make pvp a better experience and give more incentive for people to do pvp and have fun.

Heavily agree with everything in this post. Would love to finally see PVP get its due in this game.

The only things I would add is resetting honor points and doing a whole new season of PVP with rewards and titles.

As well as adding a new “Red Ball” that would replace the blue one for out of render players on Quest to denote them being in World PVP. Which I think would make PVP just a little bit more fair between platforms.