Pvp update please

any kind of pvp update you guys would like to do, new stuff to buy with tokens, anything, everyone has all of the transmogs they want please add to pvp in any way you guys want, i will not complain


Just wanted to reply here and say that I’ve read this, I don’t have anything to share at the moment though about new transmogs, gear, etc.

On the stance of PVP battleground arenas though, how is everyone feeling about the battlegrounds? Are they getting activated often enough? Would community rather see a different way (like the old free for all way)? Would adding monsters to the battlegrounds you can defeat and get buffs/potions be a good addition to the current battlegrounds?

Just throwing out some ideas to gauge what the community is currently thinking, we don’t have PvP on our current schedule but I know it is something that we need to visit in the near future.


The battlegrounds is fun, but the things that bother me/I get told often:

1: Imbalance of classes. Currently, you play Scoundrel, Paladin, or Mage. That’s the meta. Warriors are a joke, Shamans aren’t mobile enough and have too much downtime, Rangers are kinda good, but globes are crazy hard to keep up. Musketeers are decent, as are Bards, but neither are going to get many kills against competent enemies. Unfortunately I don’t know of a way to get more concrete data like I did for the PvE balance, but there’s definitely a meta group and a “get stomped” group of classes.

2: Redundancy. The same map can get a bit tiresome. I don’t know if it would be possible to port other zones as separate instances for battlegrounds (city of Highsteppe? Guild City from Preborn [look at that, you also get to bring Preborn stuff back so people complain less :D], the Raid?), but having a variety of maps would be awesome.

3: Different PvP battlegames. Capture the Flag? Team Domination? Free for all? Attack/Defend a castle, then switch sides and see who can hold it the longest? A variety of battlegames would spice it up, and I would definitely feel more inclined to queue up. It’s kinda like if I were to do dungeon queue but it only ever put me in Broken Halls. It’s fun, sure, but the same thing starts to wear me out and I move on.


Would like to see 1-2 new battlegrounds maps with random rotation. Also in-game leaderboard in tavern for weekly pvp titles.

I would say they are active enough during certain times of the day. more afternoon to evening time when people get off work and those that are in school get out. Like the posts above said, bringing in new modes and maps would help. There are still fellowships that are pvp oriented. But in pvp with the changes to certain classes in the previous patch. it is very imbalanced as stated above. If there was a way to normalize damage for all classes, making the classes more player skill based, would make it more appealing instead of just 4 scoundrels one shotting everyone. (sorry to those that like running around one shotting people, makes it boring)

As a heavy pvper in basically any other game, I only PvP in Orbus for the weeklies/dailies, sometimes. Orbus was just not designed with PvP in mind, and has very simple classes but can’t get away with simplicity like action shooters such as Pavlov. I have no particular advice right now but just pointing out that PvP is just not very attractive in Orbus. Even in the open world. Loot means basically nothing and you can’t teleport so it feels like a risk of annoyance (losing runemage reagents) to gaining exp that would be otherwise saved in time via teleporting. I am almost certainly carrying stuff I’ve gathered while other red players are probably carrying dragon treats. While this isn’t much, at the least potions and tilesets do mean something, although my house chest is filled to the brim. You have to enjoy Orbus PvP to want to turn it on or you don’t value teleportation. Trickster goblin has some appeal. Some of the items on the PvP vendor have some appeal but I’ve already gotten what I care about.

Pvp battlegrounds can be fun. I wouldn’t do it all the time but once a week is fun and I wouldn’t take it seriously. Its super 1 shot heavy currently from my experience. scoundrel, mage, paladin are defiantly stronger generally than other classes. a good ranger, bard, musky player can be viable and then shaman / warriors are bad.

I would be kinda interested in a attack/defend gamemode and generally 2 more maps would be nice for variety in battlegrounds.

To reply to some of Robert’s questions:
-I don’t think adding buff mobs would be that good.
-I don’t queue unless there’s an event being put on for battlegrounds because its not something I think of that much or on the very rare occasion I queue randomly it doesn’t pop and I switch to dungeon queue

oh and in terms of overworld pvp its not for me personally. Maybe for the trickster goblin I would but that lost my interest very quickly when it turned into hide and seek goblin with paladins. once someone gets it just pala hammer your way to highsteppe/ any instance (people just run into dungeons or rainforest raid entrance) before any fight can happen.


I really like that PvE aspect where if you kill them you get buffs. That sounds like a cool idea to spice up gameplay. Also could we get a number next to where you queue up to see how many people are in queue.

Robert, to answer your question, I would like to see another mode on battle grounds, instead of capture the flag I would like to see a battle royal mode, first to 50 or 100 kills wins, also for every win there should be small chance to get cool, tradable items, maybe a pvp pet and mount, definitely tradable though.


Also, no it is not activated enough not at all

People have been asking for the wilds for a year or so.

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As much as I would like to agree with this, we should give them some credit, they are trying to help pvp. They have made world pvp, the trickster goblin, and pvp battlegrounds. I couldnt honestly say they dont have pvp in mind, it would however be really nice for some updates to it.

Add darker night versions and day versions of same maps to feel like more.

I agree with above statements, like different game modes , sure include old free for all arena in rotation.

Add a basic single lane tower defense moba style with mobs and have that play if there are not enough players for other game modes.

Real capture the flag , I want to take the enemy flag from their base , wear it like a big flag backpack and run back to my base to capture , but only if my flag is still there.

Team death match , free for all , etc.

Yea just drop us in different instanced versions of the world semi-randomly

Some boss rooms would be great FFA arenas.

Imagine CTF in dungeons where 1 flag spawns at 1 bossspawn and 1 at the other spawn.
Just the empty dungeon.

Imagine just a normal dungeon , but instead of mobs their are red names and the boss is there with more red names Pve&P ala mirror knight

Also please add a buff to the player telling them what team they are on.


1 note I want to add if new modes do get added I think it will be worse off for queueing in general as it splits the population more.

Either a QOL improvement needs to be implemented to see how many players are currently in queue
Or the game modes would have to be in the same queue but that comes with its own issues.

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Just to be clear, I was talking about replacing the current game mode with a different one, or possibly doing something like making it free for all (like from preborn) on certain days, with the current game mode on the others, or something along those lines. I agree that having 2-3 game modes available at any time would just split the existing PVP community up even more and not work out well.

The new game modes would be a ways in the future, but I’m still interested in hearing more of the ideas on them. Something that sounds like the community would want, and a good change of pace that we could get implemented before the end of the year would be to use a new map for the current battlegrounds. Something like the Guild City Raid map (since a good portion of the player base has never seen it), or another existing dungeon/raid map.

Thoughts on that?

You could just show the number of people in queue / people needed (5/10 queued), and also be able to select from all the options what you’re willing/not willing to do, entering all of the queues rather than select only one. I don’t think this would split the PvP community too much other than people having preferences, but people will probably queue for what is going to pop first.


Also, I still cant see how many kills i got at the end of a game because my name is too long and covers my kill count

I do think if you show how many people are in each queue, it will not split the pvp community, also if the rewards are decent it will intrigue people to play it more.

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What about one queue with a random game mode? Now hear me out, if it’s made with 3 separate queues and one game mode is more popular than another, then everyone is going to join that one queue. Not everyone likes the same game modes, so making it all in one queue would keep one game mode from taking over and allow everyone a shot at the game mode they like.

(Game mode suggestion)
There is one flag that spawns in (the spawn is random). Teams must rush the flag, capture, and defend it for 2 minutes. After the two minutes, the team that captured and defended it the longest gets a point, and the flag disappears and spawns somewhere else.
The first team to get 5 points wins (makes for a minimum of 10-minute matches and a max of 18-minute matches, not including overtime)


You could have a que up system like tank/dps/healer but instead have capture the flag/battle royal/king of the hill so you can cue up for several desired options.

You really should add this for all ques in the game, there really is no reason to not be able to cue up for everything