PvP wilds fixing


So the current tactic is to have a split team of two, we’re pl.1 has friendly fire enabled and pl.2 is “friendly”


  • pl 1 kill victim, take stuff. Bagless so no loss.

  • Pl 2 try to gloat victim to become bandit.

  • pl 1 return, if killed by guard or victim pl 2 grabs stuff. Exits safely.

  • If pl 2 is killed, quick attack from graveyard spam to upp victims bounty, and eventually kill him no matter number of deaths. Take stuff, exit safely.

-leave stuff in house, return, repeat.

Gear damade is recovered with bounty. So no real loss.

So yah, a bit of a loophole used against the current system. It’s a valid tactic that basicly uses the bandit system against the victim.

I don’t have a fix for it, but
A) I would suggest that attacking anyone that has had a bounty the last 24h would not give you a bounty, and only a lower bandit timer. This would make it harder to repeat.
B) taking bandit loot gives you a lower bandit timer as well, making it harder to just grab stuff and run.


Thanks for the post. We’ll definitely consider the repercussions of this.


If you initiate an attack on a bandit and the bandit kills you, it should not raise the bandit timer. Now if the bandit initiated the attack and killed the person, then their bandit timer should go up.


This is a good idea because what happens if someone follows you around the wilds until, 1 you get tired of this guy stalking you and you kill him or 2 he jumps into your attack making you a bandit. After one of them two things happen then they just keep GY running at you raise your timer to 30+ mins until you have to kill yourself or they kill you and you end up at HS Jail


I would say before making it more difficult to bandit actually make it worthwhile, as pvp is already non existent, which for some people is great but for others they want their to be a threat


But the problem is it is to easy. Kill anyone and just walk out, with a buddy securing the gear.


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