Q2 Roadmap Schedule Changes


Hey everyone,

We are making some slight adjustments to our upcoming release schedule and I wanted to let you know with as much time as possible since I’m sure some people are planning ahead.

Sprint Three (including Shard Dungeons) will now be launching on March 30th instead of March 26th.
Sprint Four (including the Pets System) will now be launching on April 11th.

The rest of the schedule is staying the same.

This is to give us a little more time to test and balance the new Talents System before the Shard Dungeons go live, as well as give us a little extra testing time for the dungeons themselves.

I am updating the Q2 Roadmap Blog Post as well if you want to see the full updated schedule.

One thing which isn’t on the Roadmap but I’m excited to announce is that in the March 19th patch we have completely re-worked our VoIP system and that will be rolling out to everyone. So look forward to that!




Re-worked VOIP system -oh frabjous day, callooh callay!


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