Quality of life suggestions

I’ve played the game for about 15 hours now, and some things are bugging me. I though of feature that could be added to improve the quality of life.

  1. A nob to adjust the “temperature” of your cauldron while brewing. Turning it higher will make it cycle in between the heats faster, but also makes it more likely you wont place something in time. This would help when making potions in bulk, as that can take long with how much time it takes for it to raise temperatures.

  2. A setting in the menu to activate some sort of “inspection mode”, where instead of hovering your finger over an item for a few seconds, you can tap it and the info pops up. I have pretty shaky hands, so it can get annoying when I want to read the info of an Item, especially when the menu is placed in an awkward position.

  3. This one is a small one, but I think there should be an option in the menu to make it so when you take out your journal, you are already holding it. (When you flip over your compass, the journal is in your hand, not in front of you) This would be useful for people like me who forget to take their journals out before the airship departs, so can’t check up on quests while in flight. It would also make it so you don’t have to stop mid-walk to take your journal out.

I’d also appreciate a way to get reagents without having to grind mobs, but It’s not something that’s really that annoying to me.


I like the inspection mode but i think they should just fix the stock inspection and how it works.
I also agree about the journal. Hate how it flies away lol.

I don’t think potions should be faster or everyone will be a good alchemist. I want to spend hours making pots and that’s why they’re worth money. that’s why my character is special or something.

you can get materials from gathering with ur axe, killing monsters, or purchase from a store. 3 different ways. 4 ways if you could asking players for materials.

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I think speeding up potion making would require more skill. It could shorten the good periods more than the bad to make it even more challenging.

How about the option to buy a 2nd cauldron? The system would be the same and it would require more skill from the player as he now has to do multitasking

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