Queer Friendly Fellowship

Hey Folks,

My friend and I are pretty new to Orbus, as I guess a lot are with the launch of the Oculus Rift. We’ve just created a new fellowship and looking for more like minded players to join on this adventure - seeing as that’s what MMO’S are all about.

Pride is a gaming space for queer (and queer friendly) players and you can join us in game anytime! Come bolster the big gay ranks and hunt with Pride (ew yea just did that).

Admin: Kadence

Drop me a message or see you in there!



First of all this text is not meant to be unpolite or homophobic or so… Im also gay and I personally dont get your concept of creating a lgbtiq* fellowship. Sure you can but there is literally now reason for it except for pushing your sexuality into other people’s faces with a fellowship named “the big gay”.

The original idea of gay football clubs and other gay groups came through the discrimination of gay people so gays have a safe space to do sport and not be hated or threatened…

Now back to orbus. I played orbus a lot and never ever heard anything even slightly homophobic or discriminating. when people do tell a joke (happend twice ans it was hell funny) they tell you that they don’t mean it even if they dont know that your gay. It’s the nicest community i ever met. But I fear that if you put the word “the big gay” right underneath your name you could trigger some and put a target up where none is needed. The orbus community dosen’t hate on gay people but putting up something like that could (probably won’t) make your gaming experience not that grat as it could be.

Please don’t take that as an insult or anything. I just wanted to get that of me.

Hope to see you ingame.



Meh, I’m sure it’s fine. Haters gonna hate, and hopefully get banned, thus making it a better community for all of us :wink:


I understand what your saying completely, this is simply about creating an in game community and finding others to play with (which hasn’t been the easiest without a fellowship so far even lower end content is tough). The name is purely because we’re not taking ourselves seriously and its supposed to be a laugh. It’s not a political statement.


Plus I thought to change it to PRIDE but I’m not sure you can once you’ve made the name :see_no_evil:

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Yea you can message Riley about that I believe. I’m with Eletarion and think your old name is just an invitation for random kiddos makin fun of it (and there’s alot in highsteppe tryin out daddys VR believe me :smiley: ), this one not so much… that said across fellowships you will meet rather serious, open minded people, jokes are made sure but not in a discriminative way (least not that I noticed, so far).

As for finding people to play, lots of the smaller fellowships struggle already, there’s currently a mere 2-3 guilds which got enough 30s to even play the upcoming raids etc., for leveling it’s not so hard I guess, after that you will want to have at lest 5 actives, preferrably all in same timezone, else it’s hard to play on with dungeons.


Fellowship rebrand thanks to your comments.

Now called Pride and it’s not just for gays though there will be a number of gags :slight_smile:


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hater bait cus haters gonna hate so bait the hate.

Orbus, by far, is the nicest gaming communities I’ve ever played in.

Maybe its the VR aspect or the game itself, but folks are generally very nice to each other here.

I’ve only run into a few jerks (usually at the first public event area for some reason) who insist on using foul language or being just generally weird. Its been made slightly worse lately because you can’t put them on ignore due to some bugs.

In any case, good luck with your fellowship. See you all in game.


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