Quest Feedback Beta Test 3

Now is the time for some questing to begin again!

EDIT: There are no Diluvian Puzzle cubes in game, you will receive the quest but do not need to complete it to continue story.

Edit 2A: The Whiskey Trader side quest Can be turned in now

Edit3: The Teleport Pillar outside of Guild City near the Order Fort will now take you to the right location, sorry for any confusion

Edit 4: If you are entering the Lucian Plains for the Wolf Shaman quest, the pillars are now only turned on when drinking the potion.

Edit 5: There is a bug where if you Drink a Beezoula Potion and it wears off before finding the bones, the second potion you drink will not show the bones unless you log out and get back into game. Sorry for the problem were trying to track it down

Edit 6: the Mafia contact inside of Guild city is now to the west of the docks near the covered eating area

Edit 7: The Large minnow can now be caught for the Ernest Fishing Quests

Edit 8: The Ernest Fishing quest dialogue has been corrected and should read correctly now in regard to giving out lures

Edit 9: The Ernest Fishing Quests give you a Strengthened Rod, but will not be equipable this test (will show up as a quest item with missing item icon, DO NOT DELETE IT, it will be in future tests)

Edit 10: Just an update for anyone still doing the main story quests, when you get to the Wolf Shaman quest, and drink the potion, Once the potion wears off the first time, you will need to log off (return to login screen) and log back in before drinking the next potion, we are encountering a bug where the Light pillars/bones you need to see are only showing up the first time you drink the potion. We are trying to track down the bug, but a fix will not be implemented until next Beta test.

  • If you half completed the “Airship” quest last Beta it may be broken for you due to the inventory changes, let me know your In game username if this happens to you

  • Some of the NPCs in Highsteppe and Guild city are name “Sir Petyr” now the one for the Quest is located in The Twins village to the East of Narrow Orchard, sorry for the confusion

Here is a list of all the Main Story Quests in game right now:

1.Guardian Bart- Sword Training,Monster Slayer,Ranger Training,Musketeer Training,Gathering Training, Final Challenge
2.A Demanding Chef
3. A Demanding Chef (2)
4. Forest Secrets
5. Secret Tithing
6. Festival Celebration
7. Airship to University Isle
8. Job Seeker
9. A Pilgrim’s Journey-Will not auto complete now
10. Pagan Magicks
11. Report for Duty
12. Woodland Rebels
13. An Unruly Outlier
14. King Sweeties
15. The Ambitious General
16. The Green Mile
17. The Last Meal–>Chef Letharow–>Marcell Cenn–>Lord Rudolf Wenderwood
18. The Archives
19. Follow The Signs
20.The Trials–> Trial 1–> Trial 2–> Trial 3
21. Ceremony
22. Kid Brother
23. Seeking Petyr
24. Secret Commander
25. Two Lives
26. Invisible Ink
27. Bandit
28. The Shakeup
29. Dilvulian Puzzle
30. Brother Pavara
31. Kreyen
32. Highsteppe Guardians
33. Bezoula
34. Helga Sarrow

  • Side Quests are separate stories from the main story quest, but some will only unlock once you have progressed through part of the main story quest, while others can be completed at any time.

Side Quests Side Quests with a (*) next to their name are meant to be completed lvl 16+:

  1. Whiskey Trader
  2. The Deliveries(*)
  3. Hunting Log 1-6
  4. Ernest Fishing Quests 1-5
  5. Noahs Ark
  6. Something Fishy Quest chain(*)
  7. Ghouls(*)
  8. Anthropologist Quest(*)
  9. An Accidental Prophecy(*)
  10. Figure on the Moors(*)
  11. Barmaid Jasan Quest Chain(*)
  12. Brotherhood Quest (only 1 quest in at the time)(*)

There are multiple other Quests you may receive as part of these new quests (“Prisoners”, “Mother Vibira”, “The Night Before”, etc.) I just rolled them into their main plot Quests, so it may not seem like very many new #'s but there are multiple steps to most new quests.

If you made it to the Ambitious General quest last game then you will continue on from there with “The Green Mile” quest chain and end at “Seeking Petyr”, but will get to make some new friends along the way. There is one new quest “Escort Pilgrim” quest that you would have skipped that has been added in, but can join a lower level player in completing the quest (if not on quest then wont receive any reward) to see what its all about if you wish.

If you completed up to “Seeking Petyr” last test you will once again talk to Sir Petyr at the Twins Village to resume the Quest chain. This is also where the “Whiskey Trader” quest begins.

If you are just starting out in the Quest chain you will need to complete the Tutorial with Guardian Bart then progress through the Quest chain from there.

Hey Robert thanks for the help last test, I really appreciate it! However would it be possible to fix another one for me? I am stuck on “the last meal” where chef wouldn’t talk to me. I think its because I never finished "a demanding chef (bugged for me). Anyway if you could look at it that would be awsome, in game name is cynic

what part of the “last meal” are you on? the part where you are trying to talk to Chef letharow? or have you already talked to him?

I think i found a way to fix it if you log off and let me know when you are off well try something to see if we can get it to fix it.

Okay I’m off now, thanks! And I just have to collect the meal from him

okay try that if it doesnt fix it let me know

Did that fix your problem Sinvidia?

Edit - Logging off & back on fixed the issue. Everything is working normally now.

I have finished all of the trials for The Trials quest, but I’m unable to interact with Sir Markos

okay good to know let me know if you have any problems in the future

Ran into a few issues, most of which I was able to avoid or work-around, but may mess people up.

  • When returning to Fassith for A Double Life, there are two of her. The one in the market, and the one at the execution site. Someone else said they talked to her in the market and got bugged. I started to talk to her and saw she was saying the wrong text, and level before completing the dialogue. I found her in the market and was able to proceed.
  • When dealing with a quest to kill a… important major npc (don’t want to give spoilers)… you can’t proceed unless you insta-kill them in a single hit. Each time I killed them normally, it would shunt me into a new copy of the quest instance where they would pop back in. I did this like 30 times before trying to one-shot ult him, which fortunately worked.
  • The teleport destination when you cast the Ma’at’s Keep glyphs drops you in the middle of a bunch of level 19+ mobs that are killing you before you finish zoning. I’m guessing the portal pillar got moved but the destination stayed the same.
  • Had some issues with the Whiskey escort quest… The first time I saved the cart before it died from wolves, but it just say there spinning in front of the Twins for 5 minutes. I came back later and escorted it all the way to Wenderwood, but then when I went to turn the quest in to Bjorth at Wenderwood as the journal tells me to, it took me through his dialogue to bestow the quest instead. I went through the whole thing and it ended in “…” and my journal still says completed, but he no longer has a ! on top.
  • For wolf hunter, I don’t know if I can only do it at night or if it just wasn’t putting me into the right instance, but I followed the wolf hunter around the village and couldn’t find any demon wolves. One of the npcs said something about night, but the journal does not.

Thanks for the feedback Draven, I think we got most of those bugs fixed, Other then slaying the Wolfs again (still broken, will need to patch later on to fix)

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Can’t talk to bjoro, to finish whiskey transport quest

The fishing quest in which you receive the upgraded fishing rod doesn’t appear in the journal, so I’m not entirely sure where to go. In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have started the quest line after hours of combat grinding

I know it’s a bulk order of fish.

Hmm. It should be in the journal, but the quest is to catch 5 Catfish, 10 Bass, and 20 sunfish. When you log in if its stil not in your journal send us the output log next time you get in game.

I can’t seem to find the boss ngathu’s contact in guild city. Am I missing something from the riding the wave quest that I completed

he is on the docks at guild city

he is not showing up for me

okay ill look into in unity see what i can figure out

thank you more sefgcfch