Quest issue: log out and back in (no exp)

@Daeresha and I ran into a HUGE bug earlier @Riley_D after handing in the quest where you go up to ma’ats keep and kill the rebel dude, we didnt recieve any exp. we then did the next quest where you talk to the wise one… no exp as well. Daeresha thought it would be a good idea to log out and back in to check if it would fix itself and when we did that we got put all the way back to the rebel quest up in maats keep. i can only imagine if we went longer without logging out, how many quests we would have to redo.

I’m fairly certain what you are seeing is that only certain overarching “main” quests actually give experience, and a bunch of the individual quests are more like supporting quests working towards the big bump from the main quest. I agree that this feels weird and I’d personally rather get smaller bursts of Exp along the way at each step than a bigger bump every several quests (aka 1 main quest). I’m sure Outlander can give more detail though, and I could be mistaken.

ya this is a bug we are working on tracking down currently, but could use more info/output logs on to find the common threads. So far the ony time im aware of this bug happening (reverting you back in time essentially) is in the zone that has maats keep, wenderwood,narrow orchard, and while doing the main story quests in that zone. So if there are any other common threads you can think of (had you both D/C or crash within the last hr, both drank a potion within an hr, etc) would help

might be helpful to give a narrative of the major events you did in the 30 mim to he prior to the bug, along with anyone else that experienced this bug, like @Johann

Yes some of the Larger quests give out exp on completion, but the Rebels, King Sweetie, Unruly outlier should all give Exp

Here is what happened to me. I had killed 5/12 ghost for the king sweetie quest and then logged off for the night. The next day when I logged in, I was at the wendercrust guy and on that crest. The guy wouldn’t drop the crust until I returned to graveyard. The. I had to complete all the quest again to get back to the king sweetie quest.

Can’t say that I had any issues prior to this event. We were partied, full group of 5, only RobotLoveAlt and I (DaesAlt) had the issue. The only thing I can think of is the guard asked us to go to the top of the tower, then speak with him again. I didn’t go up, but just spoke with the guard again and continued to Ma’at’s keep. At Ma’at’s keep, I spoke with the rebel first, chose to kill, so we all killed him, repeatedly so everyone could get the medallion, and then continued on. After the relog, same as Johann, had to redo quests from the “Get Medallion” to King Sweetie(which I’d gotten before relog but not started)

nothing i can think of except that we all killed the dude at maats keep multiple times, we didnt go up the tower when the guard asked us to, and we all talked to him before killing him.

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i dont remember what quest i was on but got sent back to the “woodland Rebels” quest was talking to people in guild city was working on quest with a friend and put my headset down to get a coffee (possibly 5 min) then came back and was back at that quest…

I was in their party with my main and killed the rebel with them, when i logged on today i was in the rebels camp (i logged out near the wise). So it’s not a quest-related bug but something that happens only if you kill the rebel.

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awesome this helps alot start to narrow it down thank you

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