Quest line for the Leave The Lights On Quest is Bugged

It looks like someone else had this bug as well, I have the essance dust, the reagents, no other quests with the shipping master currently. But I cannot speak with him I’ve reloaded, restarted my headset and restarted my game, if someone could help that would be great. I would like to continue with that line of story if possible. Thanks!

I’m not completely sure how the questline went… What does your journal say?

Are you sure you have enough dust? I believe you have to buy some yourself.

Also try talking to Arlo.

I have the dust and the regents it just is telling me to talk to the shipping master, I have no other quests with the shipping master and already past the part with him in the msq but he is bugged and just tells me to come back in a few weeks…

I am not 100% sure what quest it is, I am assuming it’s the Lighthouse quest where you have to get some essence dust and various things for Arlo from the Shipping master, right? If so, you have to buy the dust that is missing from either the mining camp or the tinkering shop and give it to Arlo back at the lighthouse.

Check the other pages of your journal, these kinds of “I’ll give you this, but first get me this” quests usually have multiple pages.

What’s your name in game? I can check your data
Edit: I see the issue and pushed up a change. The change wont take effect until a new instance spins up so it should work some time later this afternoon.

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