Quest Proximity and Party patch

Were going to push out a server side only patch in around an hr (will start server side countdown within next 30 minutes). This patch changes the way we sort and filter the “Ghosts” for quest users. This should now sort by party first, then proximity of the player. We will be monitoring this for any problems, but any bugs players find with this would be greatly appreciated.

Main areas of concern are:

  1. Is it sorting properly
  2. Does this affect your performance on quest (we are having to do additional calculations and didn’t see any effects to quest performance but want to double check this when more players are around.)

Edit: Patch should be live!


was there a 45 min note? we started A 10 :frowning: ; Edit: ok nvm we managed it in time :slight_smile:

we just got our broken hall 1 reset mid shard after the update. we keeping watch if it happens again…

we lost another shard lvl 3 airship reset after 30 secs…

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Yup this is a MAJOR bug better all don’t use any new shards now… what happened is we entered, got into a fight and the shard reset to a normal one, poof, gone.

The BH one we almost finished before it reset.

Sounds like a feature to make the dungeons easier.

We just pushed out a fix that should take effect in any new zone instances (like dungeons). Sorry about that.
Let us know if there’s any issues still.


Things are looking stable now.


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