Quest Sewer Buckets and missing patch notes

I don’t know if this is a bug but the new white circles in the sewer dungeon are 1. Really bright. 2. In the wrong spots. 3. inconsistent.
Lever One

Lever two lines up but is again REALLY BRIGHT.

Lever Three

Lever Four

Doesn’t have a circle

The fix is one to put them in the right spot and make them a texture not just a solid color shape which breaks immersion


Hi, this is something we were working on that accidentally made it in this build and wasn’t intended to be there like that - we’ll get it fixed. Thank you for reporting it.


On the topic of things not in the patch notes… we are missing two monsters in the mines dungeon

Yeah, having them in the wrong spot kind of confused me. If they were in the right spot at least, it wouldn’t be so bad, but only 1 of them is in the right spot it seems.

That said, it is better than nothing for people learning the dungeon.

(The mines dungeon, some of those enemies are in the wall last I ran it)

Yeah those ones…they weren’t there. Like not in the wall or any other place in the dungeon

Oh, we removed those as people have been complaining for a long time that they were getting stuck in walls.

Is that causing an issue?

Yes. It took away an easy to kill group even when they are in the wall. It was not as large of a problem and it creates problems by removing it. We now have to kill the last group which is the most difficult in dungeon and can hurt new players trying to complete it at a lower level.

IMO, it’s fine and manageable. The last group is closer to the final boss too anyway so it saves a few seconds. It’s just different to what players are used to, but it’s definitely better than having mobs through walls.

I definitely preferred having them there. If you had difficulty doing them, you could leave them. It’s much more frustrating to have them not there

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Yes it’s a pretty big issue for anyone who has a tough time with the Dungen already. It forces people fight the hardest group of five that includes an elite. I like the wall enemy much more, if you choose to skip them you can. Also, this changes the natural order and speed run times.

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Basically, people would rather if you swapped the groups and removed the harder group because players are going to skip the harder group anyways.

Not true. We would rather just have rhe group back

But it sounds here like the expectation is to skip that last group anyways, so would that be basically just swapping that group with the easy group and then removing that last group instead?

We don’t want things removed. We like choices

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I wonder if a possible solution to the complaints would be to put it back in and swap the groups then. People that want to fight the harder group can and otherwise, other players could skip the group easily?

That last group would not fit in that tunnel

I think we wanted that mob group to not be stuck not deleted. Similar to the sewer mob fix earlier this year. The mob was not removed from the dungeon, it was moved where it was in the dungeon to prevent respawn issues.

It definitely changes how you run the dungeon in terms of what enemies to kill which affects speed runs.


Is it not possible to just make the mobs always spawn on the same spot? That way it is still there for the option but wont ever spawn in the wall?

Or even make that tunnel bigger.

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