Quest tracker - Where are the objectives?


I’m very lost with the quests, actually, it makes me stop playing the game. It’s very hard to find where are the mobs or where you need to find items, I need to ask people all the time.

Would be nice if devs can add some kind of quest tracker, with the compass or something like that, so we don’t lose that much time walking around trying to find anything.


then it would be way too easy

Yeah, I think they’re kinda going for a community heavy experience, maybe the map should be improved , but honestly a bit of running around will show you what you need. Just play the game or ask for help if you don’t want to play and figure it out. How fun would it be if the game spoon fed you everything ?

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I tottally agree with you guys, but the problem is that right now, if you want the game to grow and get more things, devs need to get money to keep working on it.

Making a game only for VR is a very small and risky marketplace, and if you don’t have that “small details” that makes the game taking new players, it will die, I guess that you don’t want that. If a new casual player joins Orbus, it’s frustrating and it makes the people stop playing, and that hurts us and everyone.

Sadly, games need to be easy to play and hard to master, that how it works the market right now.

I dunno Eric, I think it’s important to have a bunch of different types of games, and for games to have a coherent vision. Many of their decisions are to drive community interaction and engagement, as that is the cornerstone of persistent virtual worlds.

To be fair, the devs have put a lot of work into making sure the introductory tutorial is really spelled out to the player, and I’ve seen countless players say that once they realized that if they get stuck they can read the dialogue/journal more and ask the community for info, that they’ve had more fun than they’ve had in years. I can personally attest to that feeling myself.


Yeah I guess so, but I feel like asking a player for help isn’t v hard to do if you really need it!
Not to say new players are not welcome, but so far paying attention to dialogue and a few questions have gotten me far enough to where I’m just meeting people and having fun. They do need to work on the map, but if I can join fresh and have no problems, why would you ?
If it truly was that hard , asking a player would be the next best step! It is an mmo after all so I’m guessing they expect you to interact if you need help.

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That works in games like WoW ,where they have all kind of languages. Here if you want to talk, you need to do it in English, so it’s not accesible for everyone :stuck_out_tongue:

I work as a game designer since I was 20th years old (I’m 29 now) and I worked with the best companies, I can tell you that I really agree with your arguments but sadly the time changes and we need to adapt.

I don’t know if you played WoW classic, there wasn’t any kind of quest tracking and you needed to read everything, talk with people to find a party for a dungeon, etc etc. that worked very good then, but not now :stuck_out_tongue:

I dunno, it’s just a suggestion, hope devs will look into it. I only want the game to be succesful, so they can take more money and improve it :slight_smile:

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True! Didn’t think about the language barrier since I’ve only ran into people that knew some English . They will figure it out I’m sure! It’s the first vr mmo , so I feel like that should give them enough attention for now and maybe the drive to improve :slight_smile:

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On that, we are in full agreement. :slight_smile:

I’m generally of the opinion that there isn’t one single right way to be successful in gaming. If you look at current examples, there are games like Eve Online, Dark Souls, or Cuphead that wouldn’t fit the conventional mold of being easy to get into and succeed at, but they’ve found their audience and are doing extremely well because there is hunger for it. I think sometimes its ok for the goal to be a smaller but more dedicated audience than going after the largest possible demographic, at the cost of changes that may drive your most invested players away.

if there are something like - quest trackers, pointers, markers on map, autorun, combo hotkeys…etc in orbusVR. i would uninstall it with no doubt. Because that not the game i bought for, i read what the game is before i buy.

well, actually, there is an AutoRun feature. while sliding, click the grip button. then let go of your touchpad/joystick. you’ll still be running. Guess you have to uninstall now… so sad. /jk

yea… its met one tick on uninstallation list, i would keep watching the list. do so while the list is filled… :face_with_monocle:


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