Quest users:crashes and audio glitch

I have some good news! If you are a quest user,and experience crashing quite frequently, follow these steps for a better orbus experience:
1)Power on your quest, go straight into orbus.
2) if you crash, hold power button until window pops up and completely shut down headset
3)start back up, go straight into orbus
4)IF you crash again, repeat this 1 or two more times.
It seems like everytime the quest boots up fresh, there is a chance that it will be in a state where there are memory issues and cause crashes in big games like rec room and orbus. On the other hand, when it’s in its “good state”, you will be able to play hours on end without a single crash. This has been my work around…a little annoying, yes, but worth it I promise.

As for the audio issue, which ended up more game breaking than a regular crash. If you experience audio issues where you can hear every normal sound but randomly you cannot hear other players (but still see the little white speaker next to their name when they talk)…what to do to fix that is:

If you have tips and tricks to make a better playing experience for us queat users, please share!

If you’re a dev reading this, unfortunately I have not been able to re-create a crash, and I’ve been trying. One thing that sometimes crashes my vr is having head gaze on, looking to my right and moving the camera the opposite way. But I cant recreate it.

Merry christmas everyone!

Also use the roomscale not stationery option.

An addition to this, while ingame audio breaks frequently indeed, the indicator sometimes is just wrong. I see the white speaker moving really often, yet these people are muted ingame, they are with me on discord and all in party can confirm they got no ingame on also.

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