Quest wont finish

I’m doing the inside scoop quest, I’ve talked to all 5 locals in highsteppe but only 3 of them counted in the book and I’m now unable to finish the quest line.

Have you tried the tavern as well?

I did try the tavern

I actually had a little bit of trouble finding two of them myself.


I found one of them hiding up by the airship and another somehow hid in plain sight near the Hardmode Guild City entrance.

I got both of those they were the first ones I talked to, recently I used the interactive map and went tans talked to all 5 still not finished though.

Can you send a screenshot of the quest?

For the ones you’re missing you have to speak to Barmaid Jasan and Mad Dog Davies

That finished the quest but now I cant turn it in. I turn it in to the reporter by the airship dock right?

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