Questing Bugs EA

There have been a few questing bugs reported so I wanted to make everyone aware of them, they have been fixed but wont be fixed on the server until we do a patch/server restart.

I will keep this post up to date with any other Questing related bugs that might come up. Thanks.

  1. Roto Hog quest text says 5 spores but it should say 20 (objective for quest is 20) can still be completed fine just wrong text in journal.

  2. Some NPCs wont show quest marker when turning in quests even if they will interact with you. Simply wave to start conversation, we are working on tracking this one down. Seems that Markos (in secret spot) and Chef Lethrow are the two that do this the most.

Sicilius talks about pyramidheads in the desert when giving Bestiary 3 but the quest itself is sending you to kill stuff in the cave dungeon. Haven’t tested it yet.

Also, the anthropologist says the same thing to you in town as she does in the cage, if you haven’t completed her quest when you get back to town.

After picking up a number of quests, we got a weird black smear that appeared at the top of the page of each page down about 10% of the page. After we did some more quests it resolved into a weird looking little device. Ill try to post pics.

Okay well look into the Journal page bug, and got text about pyramid heads fixed and in game already thanks!

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Just a heads up, I have issues talking to Sir Markos under the statue. I can’t seem to get close enough to him to get a response from waving.

Should be fixed as of the latest patch a few minutes ago. Let us know if it’s not.

This is not fixed, unable to talk to him still

You may have to restart Steam to get the latest patch. At least a couple folks confirmed it fixed it for them.

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