Questing Bugs Mega-Thread

Please post all Bugs related to questing (cant complete quests, mis-spelled words, NPC not reacting, etc.) here and I will keep the Known Bugs (as they relate to questing) updated, and remove them once I get them fixed. I will also be removing replies once I get the Bug solved to keep the thread up to date if you would like to check back to see if its a known bug, and not have to read through 100 replies. Please leave all Game play Feedback in a different thread, I’m only looking for Bugs on questing.

Known Bugs:

The Black Guide quest can be completed but there is a Journal Page missing to give clues where the old Ruins are located

Chef Lethrow does not have proper symbol above his head when first entering kitchen, but will still talk to you

Still having trouble with a few of the Divullian Cubes not being added to inventory properly, if anyone has been able to successfully grab them all, and ha started the quest since the “Super Leveler” achievement started please let me know

Sicilus Bestiary VI and Noahs Ark Wilds cannot be completed currently as we are still missing a few of the Elites, I will change this if they are not in by EA

Quest Chain:

If you are just starting out in the Quest chain you will need to complete the Tutorial with Guardian Bart then progress through the Quest chain from there speaking with Chef Letharow in Highsteppe first (twin chimney building).

1.Guardian Bart- Sword Training,Monster Slayer,Ranger Training,Musketeer Training,Gathering Training, Final Challenge
2.A Demanding Chef
3. A Demanding Chef (2)
4. Forest Secrets
5. Secret Tithing
6. Festival Celebration
7. Airship to University Isle
8. Job Seeker
9. A Pilgrim’s Journey-Will not auto complete now
10. Pagan Magicks
11. Report for Duty
12. Woodland Rebels
13. An Unruly Outlier
14. King Sweeties
15. The Ambitious General
16. The Green Mile
17. The Last Meal–>Chef Letharow–>Marcell Cenn–>Lord Rudolf Wenderwood
18. The Archives
19. Follow The Signs
20.The Trials–> Trial 1–> Trial 2–> Trial 3
21. Ceremony
22. Kid Brother
23. Seeking Petyr
24. Secret Commander
25. Two Lives
26. Invisible Ink
27. Bandit
28. The Shakeup
29. Dilvulian Puzzle
30. Brother Pavara
31. Kreyen
32. Highsteppe Guardians
33. Bezoula
34. Helga Sarrow

Side Quests are separate stories from the main story quest, but some will only unlock once you have progressed through part of the main story quest, while others can be completed at any time.
Side Quests Side Quests with a (+) next to their name are meant to be completed lvl 16+:

Whiskey Trader
The Deliveries(+)
Hunting Log 1-6
Ernest Fishing Quests 1-5
Noahs Ark 1-8
Something Fishy Quest chain(+)
Anthropologist Quest(+)
An Accidental Prophecy(+)
Figure on the Moors(+)
Barmaid Jasan Quest Chain(+)
The Grimm Reaper 1-4 (+)
Lucian’s Manor (+)
The Forbidden Temple (+)
From Their Beds (+)
The Explorer’s League (+)
The Black Guide (+)

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