Question about new locomotion options

Hi OrbusVR community, I understand that in the upcoming beta test we are gonna have some more locomotion options to play around with, I played in the open alpha for about an hour before I bought a founder account to play through the beta tests and my only real issue was the forced teleport in combat, I like to walk backwards alot in a combat scenario in an MMO, also seems like the best way for me to leave an AOE circle whilst keeping agro, is this gonna be an option in a future build, this upcoming test or is combat gonna remain teleport? I am also not really a teleport fan, I played Robo Recall a fair amount and still havent really got the hang of teleport only games which I am sure will come with more experience.

I would say you can :slight_smile:

The devs said they’re going to experiment with trackpad in combat, but that settings menu image is referring to out of combat locomotion.

thanks for the responses guys, you have helped :slight_smile:

I really hope they keep smooth locomotion in combat. teleporting sucks when you play melee.