Questions about some new cosmetics

Whilst digging in the game’s files yesterday, I came across some new cosmetics. I haven’t made a post about them yet as to respect what the devs have requested of me, however I just found out through one of my guildmates that most of them can be seen in the transmog closet.


Mimic Cape:

Mimic Chest Armor:

Mimic “Should” Pads

Citadel Raid

Citadel Raid Cape:

There are more things, and I do have access to higher quality images of the capes, however those might not be in the game right now so I’ll refrain from posting them here.


Okay but eehm what are the questions? xD What they are for?


The most obvious answers I can think of are:

  • the mimic stuff is rewards for the overworld treasure maps coming out later this year.
  • The cape is obviously the reward of killing the last boss in the new upcoming raid end this year.

No, the question is whether the mimic stuff is obtainable or not yet, and why any of it is in the game right now. Also the questions more for the devs are in regards to some of the stuff I can’t show here.

I think the cosmetic wardrobe is the number 1 spoiler for future item stuff since the beginning ofr the game. I can’t answer with 100% certainty of-course but I am almost certain all those shown items are not obtainable in the game just yet. Also I am getting curious about the items you are curious about with the devs but can’t show haha.

You’re definitely right that the wardrobe is our biggest spoiler, haha. Yeah, those items will be rewards for future content.

Regarding the other “things” mentioned, those are heavily under development/unfinished and we’ll talk more about them when we can share something concrete.


Thank you. I’m loving the two “special things” I saw. That’s all I’ll say. You guys are doing a wonderful job lately and I’m glad that you’re taking so many suggestions from the community. Thank you for all the hard work.


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