Questions about Steam/Oculus integration

If I were to buy the game from here would I also get the game on Steam once it is out?

Yes, you’ll get the option to pick a steam or oculus key :slight_smile:

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Just to give the official stamp on this, that is correct!

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I dont know in where i can post this.
If i buy the game, later when the game release, they gave me a key for steam or i must open the game for the launcher.

They will give you a key, and will change from the launcher to the steam (or oculus) store, you can read it here if you want:

They will keep using the launcher until the early access is released on december 15th, but the closed beta ends on december 8th, after that, all the progress will be wiped but everyone who bought it to play in the beta will be able to play on december 13th for 24 hrs. You can read all of this in the link, i hope it helps you.

Will we have Oculus Dash support at launch? Just read that it has to be integrated into games individually

I played it just fine with the Oculus Dash beta, so it seems to be already working at least.

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