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Hi everyone I thought it would be good to start a q&a topic for all the general and gameplay questions you have about the game. Pop your question in here and if you know the answer to other questions answer away.

I will start: how on earth do you make a health potion? I asked someone in game and I think he trolled me as the recipe he said just gives me ruined potions.

If you complete the chef’s quest he will give you the recipe

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  1. Add a Queen’s ear
  2. Wait until the water turns yellow (it will be green first, but wait until it’s proper yellow)
  3. Add a Roto Spore
  4. Immediately add a Queen’s Ear
  5. Wait until the water turns blue
  6. Add a Sunfish
  7. Immediately dip the bottle to finish the potion

You should now have a health potion!

To go into a little more detail, as the recipe above assumes some basic knowledge some players may not have.

First you need to collect Queen’s Ears, Roto Spores and Sunfish.

Queen’s Ears are all around Cenn’s Farm and can be harvested with the harvesting tool on your hip. (Use grip button to grab and hold it, swing it through the base of the plant, and it will “explode” and appear in your inventory). They look like big leafy herbs.

Similarly Roto Spore spawn around Highsteppe, mostly along Kingsport Lake (you can grab your compass and hold it up to see which direction Kingsport lake is. Roto Spore are little pink mushroom caps.

Sunfish you need to actually fish up. In order to fish, you need a lure. In order to make a lure you need lure components, which drop from mobs. In this case, as per the wiki, you want a lure that is Lesser Eye + Small Tongue. Various monsters in the world drop various types of lure components, so kill a wide array of things. The Redtails around Cenn’s Farm drop lesser eyes fairly often, for example. Once you have both of these items, you can go into your house (house closest to the graveyard in Highsteppe) and hover your hand over the doorhandle until it turns yellow, then grip and pull, to be transported into your personal home instance.

Inside your home instance, approach the chest towards the back left, next to the lure crafting bench. Grip the lid and lift up to open a transfer window, where you can put all the lure components into it. Once you do this, you will see physical representations of the items on the table next to the lure station. Grip them individually (one eye and one tongue) and bring them near the lure station, which will automatically attach them to the base lure. Once you have both there, click the hovering finish button to get the lure.

Once you have the lure, go to a watersource, like Kingsport Lake. Equip your fishing rod in your weapon slot, and your lure in the accessory slot in the bottom middle and hold the trigger to cast it out. Once it’s out you can reel it in, and when you feel a tug, make sure you pull back on the fishing rod hard and fast to get it “hooked”. Then reel it in (gripping the reel handle) but keep an eye out for the fishing line itself turning red. If it turns too red and you keep reeling, it will eventually break and you’ll lose your lure. If need be, stop reeling and let it return to white. Eventually you will get the fish to you, and you’ll get a message regarding what type. Once you have some sunfish, head back to your house.

Now that you are back at home, similarly to what you did with the lure station, go to the chest next to the big cauldron and place your Queen’s Ear, Roto Spore and Sunfish inside it, which will make them appear on the table next to the cauldron.

At that point, you can follow the recipe above, by gripping each ingredient and dropping it into the cauldron accordingly. NOTE! Once you drop the first ingredient into the cauldron, you need to wait several seconds before it starts changing color, and then you need to wait until the right color comes up to add more items. Also, once you had something, it will revert back to blue and start the cycle over again.

Happy potion making!


Isn’t this a bit too much info to tell on the forum?

Most of it is tutorial-esque behavior, and the sourcing is stuff I largely pulled from the wiki (which the devs populated).

If it was the same question for a rare recipe with rare ingredients, it probably wouldn’t be ok to give such a detailed response, heh.

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