Questions for the Dev Dudes V2 (other thread timed out)

Once the island is unlocked can you post the stats for:

  • top 10 players overall points
  • top 10 in monster kill points
  • top 10 in resource points

There is nothing on the API for it this time around so there is no leaderboard for it :frowning:


Riley. Life. Proof. I need it.

Now that you have data from my dps runs, Damage’s observations, and Scott’s calculations, can we get an idea of what the balancing will entail? Straight buff of base damage on classes? Dreadful nerfs? What can we do at the moment to aid in what needs to be done? (Besides finding a way to reliably replicate Shaman totems breaking and Ranger Weak spots breaking…still working on that)


If you do add Explore the Realm points to API, will it take into account the doubled values? If I turned in 250k points, will that count for 500k on API? I hope so because it’d make keeping track of my real total much easier.’ :smiley:

Lol if personal points are doubled also then it’s no contest anymore (if they ever add it to the api at all -.-), just the luck of the draw if you happened to have lots of this exact resources in a double week or not. And if you turned in equally valuable resources, in same amounts, which happened to not be required in the lucky week, you’d loose half points which is silly and even more reason for most of us to stop wasting resources on the event (and no worries, you and possibly Scott will be the only ones in this range of points anyways, even without devs doubling them ^^).

PS: Also I doubt even permanent double points will do much to trigger an early island release. It’s two of four months left till 27th Oct and we are not even half-way. The longer it goes the more people loose interest. Also there’s like 5 of the required mobs scattered in a zone, makes not much sense to farm them except if you’re the only one. Farming the horde and the rat in the beginning was at least fun and possible to do for many/groups of players at once. Perhaps a radical way to safe the event would be to unlock points for ALL mob types you kill, where-ever in the world, that would make the server buzz. But I guess right now there’s only a handful who still care about all this.

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For the API stuff, I’m not entirely sure what’s up with that but I don’t think we’ll be able to add it at this point -
however, we will pull up the top players at the end of the event and post it for everyone.

The point matching/doubling will not affect your player points directly, so it can still be competitive if you’d like it to be.


Regarding the DPS balancing, we’ve started the process of figuring that out in terms of what steps we’re taking and when, so while there is a lot of talk internally right now about what we’re doing to each class, we’ll likely post something about the plan more in-depth on its own when we have something concrete to share, rather than just an answer on the next Q&As.


It’s been almost 2 months since the last monthly Q&A, does that mean this months will include last months and have twice as many answers ?


I should hopefully be able to find out this coming week around when we’re gonna do the next Q&A thing.

Right now has just been sort of a weird timing because a lot of what has been asked and talked about by us as future content or improvements is still coming in the next major update, which will be a huge one.

Then the things coming after that we aren’t able to talk about yet, so we’re in sort of an in-between period right now.


Riley. Life. Proof.

An entire Q&A just letting us know he’s safe

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We should be able to do the Q&A sometimes next week.


Are we ever getting beards?


Will runemage talents: triplicity, contamination, runic strength, static shock, true affliction ever be fixed?

Also would you consider moving lend-a-hand to options to be able to create something competitive in the talent tree?

If u want ideas… I got many. I rewrote the mage class in like 4 hours but decided against posting because ya know it’s a megathread lol.

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Yes Please , it was being worked on for reborn
some npc’s have beards, use as presets give us a scale slider for length and width.

Want my Villain Beard =)


Why is Orbus’s login screen & more importantly - Orbus’s teleport based off the center of your playspace and not centered around where the player is? This leads to a annoying login experience every time where I’m constantly rotating my body around and bending my wrist at weird angles to hit the login button, and inaccurate teleports that sometimes put you several feet off from target (particularly annoying for teleporting in combat).

Are dev’s aware of these nuisances? Would the dev’s be willing to change this?


2 weeks later, no Q&A post :pleading_face:

The team has been really busy getting the last bit of the patch together, sorry. We’ll check in once the update is out and we’re sure it’s stable and there’s nothing major to change or fix.


Hi, just confirming that we’ll have the next Q&A blogpost up on Monday.


Are we still getting class specific log in the combat.log? That would be an awesome addition. :slight_smile:


Now that you’ve released additional overlevel perks, roughly how long before you consider adding more?

Any news on additional character slots?

Will you consider adding something so we can track when there is a server boost active in game from outside of the game? I think this will help with getting people (myself included) to jump on and play for a bit when they weren’t really planning to before

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Any news on new endgame content? (E.g. Shards, raids)

Now we’ve got class buffs im excited to beat down on some new challenging bosses with the extra dps :skull_and_crossbones:

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